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Ireland Visa Photo Requirements

Ireland Visa Photo Size

90 days Ireland Visa

Processing time:

6 to 8 weeks

Stay period:

90 days


180 days

Visa category:





Rs 5300/-

If you are going to apply for an Ireland visa from India, it is important to know the Ireland visa photo requirements for the visa application. Ireland has prescribed rules for Ireland visa photo size for the purpose of the visa application form at the embassy of Ireland and Ireland Consulates in India. Thus, Indians should understand these Ireland visa photo requirements and capture recent photographs accordingly in order to avoid any rejection of their visa applications.

Types of Ireland visa for Indians

There are two types of Ireland Visa types for Indians: Short and Long Stay Visa. People usually apply Ireland Short Stay Visas in the Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi. T The table mentions all the details of the Ireland Visa types.

Type of Ireland Visa Entry Type Visa Validity Stay Period
Short Stay Visa (C) 180 days <90 days Single/Multiple
Long Term Visa (D) More than 180 days 90 days per visit Multiple 

You have to apply for an Ireland Visa through VFS visa application centers across India. 

The applicant needs to fill up the form online on AVATS portal. Then you need take a printout of the Ireland visa form and book appointment for VFS VAC. Thereafter, you need to gather the original supporting documents, photocopies of the original documents, photos and the Ireland visa form and receipt. Submit the all documents along with the form to VAC. The Embassy/Consulate of Ireland will take some time to process your Visa. When your Visa is approved, you will get your visa and documents at you location.

Ireland visa photo size for Indian

Indian Nationals need to submit only 2 photos as supporting documents to apply for any kind of Ireland Visa. Unless the photos must meet all requirements, the application will be delayed. You have to provide correct photos to continue with the application.

You have to submit the photos in person to your nearest VAC Visa Application centres along with the concerned Ireland Visa form, and it’s supporting original documents. If you are submitting your Ireland Visa application to the Embassy/Consulates of Ireland in India, you must submit photocopies of all the documents along with the original documents. Your original documents will only be returned to you after you submit the photocopies of the same. The original documents will be returned to you in both cases after verification.

Ireland Visa Photo Requirements

Visa photo size

  1. The 2 photos must be minimum 45 *35 mm or maximum 50-38mm in size.
  2. Both photos must show a close up of your face and the top of the shoulders.
  3. Your face must constitute 70% to 80% of the photograph.

Photo age

  1. Both photos must be less than 6 months old
  2. Both must show exactly the same image.

Photo print quality

  1. The photographs have to be printed on photographic paper.
  2. The reverse side of each photo should be white and unglazed.

Photo image quality

Your photo must:

  1. Be colored
  2. Have a plain white or light grey background.
  3. Be correctly exposed and have sharp focus.
  4. Have a good colour balance and natural flesh tones.
  5. No ‘red eye’ is allowed.
  6. Have good contrast between your facial features and the background
  7. There should be No shadows or glare in the picture or in the background.

Photo facial expression

  1. Your head must be centred in the image.
  2. You must look directly at the camera and show your full face.
  3. You must not tilt or turn your head in any way.
  4. Your facial expression must be neutral. Do not squint, frown, smile or use any other expression while clicking the photos.
  5. Your eyes must be open and your mouth closed.
  6.  There must be no hair covering your eyes.
  7. Please click your photos in a studio.

Other requirements

  1. Do not wear sunglasses or tinted/coloured glasses at all.
  2. If you normally wear glasses, your eyes must be clearly visible in the photo.
  3. Do not wear a headgear or hair covering, except if you wear it for religious reasons. For example: Do not wear a hat, cap, and head-band.
  4. If you wear a head covering for religious reasons, your face must be clearly visible.

How to submit photos for Ireland Visa form?

On the back of each photo, write the following in BLOCK LETTERS:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Ireland Visa application/transaction number
  3. Note: Please ignore the Ireland visa application/transaction number if you are applying for a re-entry visa.
  1. Put the 2 photos in the same envelope as your Ireland Visa application form.
  2. Do not staple or attach the photos to your Ireland Visa form.

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What is the fee for an Irish tourist visa from India?

Indians have to pay ₹ 5,300 INR for a single-entry Irish tourist visa.

Where are the Embassy/Consulates of Ireland in India?

The Embassy of Ireland is located at New Delhi. The Consulates of Ireland are in Kolkata and Mumbai respectively.

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