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Validity of Indian Passport

Passport Validity in India

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Are you searching for Indian passport validity? Then the blog will make you clear about the India passport expiry date for adults’  and minors’ passports. After knowing the validity of Indian passport, you can apply for renewal of passport renewal well before its expiry. Thus, you can get to know every detail about adult and minor passport validity in this article.

Indian Passport Validity

There are multiple reasons for the renewal or reissue of Indian passports. The expiration of the validity of an Indian passport is the main reason for passport renewal. It is also necessary to check passport validity; otherwise, it will delay or cancel your international travel plans.

Indian passport validity varies according to the age criteria and is classified as adults and minors.

Adult passport validity

Indians over 18 years of age are considered adults. Indian passport validity for adults’ is 10 years. Whether you are applying in normal or tatkal mode and also for a passport validity remains the same. According to the India passport expiry date, you can apply online for passport renewal on expiry or one year before expiry.

Minor passport validity

Indian applicants below 18 years of age are considered minors. The validity of a minor’s passport is 5 years or until 18 years, whichever is less. But there is one exceptional case: children between the ages of 15 and 18 can apply for a minor passport with a full validity of 10 years by paying the respective validity fees.

Apart from the above-mentioned adult and minor passports, Indians can get short-validity passports based on certain conditions.

Short validity passport (SVP)

If anybody has a criminal case pending in any court, Indians can get a short-validity passport on the condition that the court has given permission to travel abroad. Normally, SVP is valid for one year, but its validity for a fresh or renewal application depends on the case

What should I do after expiration of passport?

When your Indian passport’s validity expires, you can apply for a renewal through the official Passport India website. Indians can renew their passport well in advance, i.e., one year before expiry or on expiry as well. It needs to follow certain procedures for passport renewal and also fulfill requirements such as documents and fees for getting a re-issued passport.

Reasons of having validity of Indian passport

Validity of Indian passport is either 10 years or 5 years. Thus It’s interesting to know “why do Indian passport expire in 10 years or 5 years”.

In consideration of the limited durability of documents and the changing appearance of the passport holder over time, the Passport validity period is not more than ten years is recommended.

In addition to the obvious reason that the biometric data on the passport will be out of date after a period of time, the primary reason for expiring passports is likely to be that it allows the underlying technology to change without there being too many legacy passports in circulation.

The Ministry of External Affairs used to issue a passport validity period of 20-year in the mid-1990s. These passports were handwritten passports. A computer scan of a machine-readable passport reads all the details of the passport at one go and the software can check on the information. Holders of these passports are requested to get a machine-readable passport re-issued.

In addition, people change their residence frequently and the Residential Address becomes invalid on passports. Also, the facial features of people change too. Keeping that in mind it is better than the period of validity is kept short to 10 years.

Expiring passports also reduces the number of stolen/lost/forged/etc., passports in circulation – both due to the expiry of those that are in circulation, but also by enforcing newer anti-forgery standards for new passports.

Passport like documents is subject to review periodically. Many people obtain passports just for the heck of it and after their demise; the data continue to remain in the system. At the time of India passport validity renewal after 10 years, in case no re-issue/renewal application is received, then the concerned passport data becomes dormant and remove it.

What to do with the expired Indian passport?

The passport validity in India will expire after 10 years for adult or 5 years for minor. You need to keep all your old passports with you even though they are expired. For validation purposes during VISA stamping or general evaluation, you would be asked to submit all your previous passports. Hence, it’s in the best interest to keep them safe at all times.

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My passport is valid for 6 month can I travel internationally?

if your Indian passport is only valid for 6 months, you travel depends upon the stay duration and country you want to visit. Most of the countries allow visa with at least 6 month validity of passport.But it is advisable to renew your passport before starting new travel to avoid any consequences.

Can a passport be valid for 20 years?

No. Indian passport can be valid for maximum period of 10 years.

My passport gets expired 5 years ago, Can I renew it?

Yes, you have to apply for a renewal of your passport, and it needs to undergo fresh police verification as it has been more than 3 years since the passport expired..

Why do Indian passport expire in 10 years ?

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the global organisation in charge of setting passport standards, recommends that passport should be valid for either ten years or five years.

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