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How to remove emigration check required Indian passport

how to change ecr to ecnr in indian passport online

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Do you have ECR passport ? Are you curious to know “how to remove emigration check required in Indian passport?” In this article, we will discuss how to remove ECR from passport or how to change ECR to ECNR  in Indian passport.

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Before taking look at how to apply ECR to ECNR in Indian passport, you must  know the meaning of  ECR and Non ECR. We will also discuss how to check passport is ECR or ECNR.

Emigration Check Required

The ECR means Emigration Check Required and the ECNR means Emigration Check Not Required. To begin, check your passport to see if it has an ECR stamp on it or not. If you have an ECR passport, it will have the words ‘Emigration Check Required’ stamped on it. If you have a non-ECR passport, you will not have ‘Emigration Check Required’ stamped on it.

If you do not want to go through the process of emigration check status. We are going to show you how to remove emigration check required Indian passport. So, if you wondering “how can I change my ECR passport to ECNR” you have come to the right  site. Let’s begin with how to change ECR to ECNR in Indian passport.

ECR Stamp


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How To Change ECR To ECNR In Indian Passport Online

If you plan on travelling abroad, having your ECR stamp removed may be crucial for you. Otherwise, you may face complications. To avoid complications, remove your ECR stamp. In this section, I will show you how to remove emigration check required in Indian passport.  Following is the procedure to change ECR to ECNR in Indian passport online

  • Go to and Log in to your account
  • Select Apply for Fresh Passport/Re- issue of Passport
  • Click on the “Click Here to Fill Application Form”

ecr passport to non ecr passport

  • Choose Re- issue of Passport > Change in Existing Personal Particulars >  Delete ECR > Normal > 36 Pages/60 Pages

Delete ECR

  • Enter the required information and select Yes for the question “Is applicant eligible for Non ECR Category”
  • Click on Next to continue

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Eligibility For ECNR Passport:

To remove the emigration check, some eligibility conditions must be met. The following are the eligibility standards for the ECNR passport:

  1. A person who has completed more than ten years of education and has all the valid documents.
  2. Persons above 50 years of age.
  3.  Persons conserving a Diploma in Polytechnic from any of the identified institutes
  4. a person holding a Diploma in Nursing under the Indian Nursing Council Act-1947
  5.  Persons spent greater than 3 years overseas.
  6.  Minors (below 18 years of age).
  7.  Income taxpayer.
  8. Spouse or child of an income taxpayer
  9. This is how to apply ECR to ECNR in Indian passport.

Now you have the answer of the query “how to remove emigration check required in Indian passport”. If you have any doubt regarding How to change ECR to ECNR in Indian passport online,  Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section if you have any; we’d be happy to assist you.

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how to check passport is ecr or ecnr

how to change ecr to ecnr in indian passport online



  1. Sahadat

    I am class 10 fail can i clear my ecr status to non ecr

    • Sona

      Not possible Atleast 10&12 th pass required..

      • Christy Colaco

        When changing from ECR to ECNR do they issue a new passport or do they stamp on the old passport only.

      • Riddhi

        I have cleared 10th & 12th standard still i got ecr stamp on my passport.
        I have shown each and every document to passport office they clearly made mistake during my application. Because we have proof of online application in which we selected non ecr – y and the passport department has shown the application in which it is written non ecr – n. Now whom i should blame for my ecr stamp and how changes can be done. Almost a year is completed and suddenly i came to know that i have ecr stamp on my passport as i was applying for first time i didnt knew what ecr stands for now i know.please let me know what i can do to remove ecr from my passport.

    • Shahnavaz

      Mere pass 10th pass ki marksheet hai kiya mai ECR se ECNR kar sakta hu


  2. Ramprasad

    How to change ECR ECNRin passport.
    I have 10th and 12th grade marks report card. Still doing my final year degree.


    Sir ,

    Please guide me how can i change my passport ECR to ECNR .

  4. Hashmi

    That person who don,t have any 10th or 12th certificate? how do they apply for ecnr.
    because i already have ecr passport but i don,t have 10th certificate.

    • sanju

      same question is my..plzz give this qus reply

    • Akshay Kumar

      I have an offer of a job in a hotel in Qatar but my passport has ECR on it. How to get it changed. I am 8th pass have completed a two month course in hotel service

  5. இக்ராம்

    நான் ஒன்பதாம் வகுப்பு பாஸ் செய்து பத்தாம் வகுப்பு சென்றேன் படிப்பை நிறுத்தி விட்டேன். நான் ECR TO ECNR ஆக எனது பாஸ்போர்ட் மாற்ற முடியுமா?
    அதற்கு என்ன வழிமுறைகள்

  6. ankesh jain

    My age is 29. Can I change my passport from ECR to non ECR ?

  7. Shahul Hameed PK

    Hi sir

    I have ECR Passport I’am 10 failure person but I’m filing ITR, so I’m eligible ECR to ECNR conversion possible ?

    • Muhammad Danish

      Yes you eliglble for ECNR passport, If you want to change ECR to ECRN, then call me on this number i will help you +91 9528571981

  8. bhuwan

    my brother got a visa from Doha so he has ECR Passport, how can remove ECR or stamp his passport, please can you send me the online links

  9. Sujit

    I have my surname spelling issue in my school and college certificate with one letter difference. What else can I do to get EcNR

  10. Kaushik Modi

    Minor chang ECR YA ECNR

  11. Archana

    How can I change my mother ECR passport to NECR as she is 52 years now. She doesn’t have 10th class certificate. How much time it take to convert.

  12. Ranjith

    Hi have ecr passport i have worked overseas for 6 years is there any chances to change the ECR TO ECNR

  13. syed mahmood

    i applied for ecnr i finish 3 years above in gulf already i finish police verification till now i didn’t receive my passport

  14. ECR passport clearance for migration as early as possible as possible
    ECNR required for migration

  15. Sanjay

    1. For removing ECR status , do I need to submit my passport for correction ?
    2. Will there be change in Passport number ?
    2. If there is already a visa stamping on the PP , then how will I get it transferred tothe new passport?

  16. Abdul Mateem

    Good evening sir and madam
    I was in Saudi Arabia working 35month
    I was in Dubai working 6month
    I was in Dubai workin 11month
    I have work other country Total month 52

    I have passport ECR!
    I want change ECR

  17. Nurul Ali khan

    আমি 9 ক্লাস পাশ করেছি . আমার ecr পাসপোর্ট আছে কি করে ecnr পাসপোর্ট করব

  18. Mohua

    I have a post graduate…Inspite of that, I have been put on ECR. how do i clear this…Why they put post grad people on ECR?

  19. Ikram

    நான் பத்தாம் வகுப்பு சென்றேன் ஆனால் படிக்கவில்லை. எனது ecr பாஸ்போர்டை ecnrஆக மாற்றம் செய்ய நான் என்ன செய்ய வேண்டும்..
    உதவி செய்யுங்கள்

  20. Dipesh jain

    I am 10th fail and but my ITR file is there and I am businessman

  21. Sanjit

    What is ecr and non ecr ?
    Ecr status is given whose qualifications is below 10th considering he or she is illiterate non ecr is for above 10th .. that simple

  22. Mangesh Ambetkar

    My daughter is mentally retired, on passport ECR stamp is printed.
    If i submit her Medical certificate can I get ECNR stamp on her passport, We have to travel next week, pls. suggest
    Is there any desk on Mumbai airport

  23. Vignesh

    I am 10 fail but i completed my degree in TNOU i already have ECR passport and change my passport in ECNR it is possible?

  24. I want to do in my passport ecr to ecnr i want to do i have new passport received two years ago so i want to do emigration chek required to do emigration check not require stam on my passport ok what shall ill do ok

  25. I have a indian passport so i want to do ecr to emigration check not required in my passport ok

  26. Siddharth Nandan

    My minor daughter has been issued ECR passport, though i had filled “Yes” for ECNR. How can i cange it?

  27. Manish chand

    Sir I have a nepal 10 th pass Certificate but iam Indian How can change ecr to ecnr passport , its possible or not

  28. Greeshma

    I want to change my Ecr to ecnr, at the time of passport appli could not submit my 10th certificate as it was in my college . How to change it now

  29. Habeeb

    If the person is having only 10th certificate 12th is not there then it will not possible to to convert ECR to ECNR please tell ….after 10th 5 years is completed….

  30. hi I’m Gajapathy i need to chang my passport ecr to non ecr i ha 10 fail certificate and i was ITR filing is ther 2022to2023 if any possibility change my passport to nonecr kindly help me

    • Christy Colaco

      When changing from ECR to ECNR do they issue a new passport or do they stamp on the old passport only.

  31. Rajesh

    I have received my passport. They have mentioned “Emigration Check Required”. I have already completed 10th and 12th. What can be done now?

  32. Shab

    I have to renew my passport. But I don’t have my original marksheet of ssc and hsc. I have it in my DigiLocker. Can digi locker documents accepted passport seva

  33. mohan kadcol

    i done private 10 completed its is possible to clear my non ecr

  34. Vishakha

    I am a nonecr as I have passed 10th and 12th i accidently selected no for nonecr , what to do now???

  35. Satish

    Does police verification happen again?



  37. Vishy

    The Link provided in the document takes me to online NRI passport application. The Miscellaneous service form does not have the option for ECR removal. Can you help me with the correct link.


  38. Yug Patel

    This step is wrong. We need to reapply for the passport then only ecr can be removed to necr

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