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Educational documents required for passport

Educational documents required for passport

To apply for an Indian passport, you must submit several documents. Here is a list of the Documents or Educational documents required for passport that must be presented in order to obtain a new passport, a diplomatic passport, or for other purposes such as document renewal and reissue. 

If you have the proper document checklist, getting an Indian passport is a hassle-free procedure. To obtain a passport, applicants can submit an application through the online Passport Seva portal, upload required papers, and then complete the remaining steps. 

As a result, we have included a list of the supporting educational documents required for passport that is needed under various application criteria, such as new, reissue, adult, minor, etc. 

Documents Needed for Adults and Minors Applying for New Passports

Here is a detailed list of the Educational documents required for passport for adult and minor fresh passport applications: 

Required Documents for educational documents required for passport

  • Adults 
  • Minors 
  • ID Verification 

Any of the aforementioned documents, including an Aadhaar card, voter card, PAN card, driving licence, and a parent’s passport copy attested by the parent or by the applicant themselves 

  • Address Proof

 Any of the listed documents, including an Aadhaar card, voter card, PAN card, driver’s licence, electricity bill, utility bill, rent agreement, utility bill, landline bill, mobile bill, gas connection proof, passbook from a bank account, and a letter from the employer on business letterhead, are acceptable proof of identity (should be a reputed company) 

  • Proof of the parent’s current address must also include the parent’s passbook for a bank account, an energy bill, a utility bill, a rent agreement, a utility bill, a landline bill, a mobile bill, and proof of a gas connection.
  • Age Valid 

Any of the aforementioned documents, such as a birth certificate issued by a municipal corporation, an orphanage’s declaration on official letterhead attesting to the applicant’s date of birth, a diploma from a school, or a policy bond from a public life insurance company that includes the policyholder’s birthdate 

Birth certificate issued by the municipal corporation, a declaration made on official letterhead by any orphanage confirming the applicant’s birthdate, a school diploma, a mark sheet from secondary or higher secondary school, a policy bond issued by the Public Life Insurance company with the policyholder’s birthdate specified

  • Other paperwork

Order assessing income taxes, a certificate of schooling, and a copy of the spouse’s passport (first and last pages of the passport where the applicant’s name appears as the spouse) 

Educational documents required for Passport Renewal 

The required Educational documents required for passport to apply for a new one are as follows: 

  • ECR & Non-ECR pages
  •  Page of validity extension
  •  Page of observation
  •  NOC or prior intimation letter
  •  Original old passport
  • Self-attested photocopies of the first and last two pages of the old passport 

The same documents that are needed for adults can be attested by parents, however, documentation for minors is still necessary for passport renewals. 

For certain applications for passport reissue, additional papers in addition to the ones that are required as Educational documents required for passport must be submitted. The list is as follows:


Motive for Re-Issuance Documents Necessary 
Extend passports with limited validity passport documents that fixed the issue with their short 
Passport misplaced or stolen  Affidavit detailing the location and circumstances surrounding the loss or damage of the passport, DOB proof, address proof, the original police report, and the NOC or Prior Intimation letter are all required. 
Readable name, passport number, and photos in a damaged passport  DOB documentation, an affidavit detailing the circumstances behind a lost or damaged passport 
Alteration of appearance  a recent image of the applicant that depicts their current look 
A name change New identity proof and certificate of the name change, gadget notification regarding change in name
Proof of a DOB change  new DOB proof 
A different address  evidence of current address 
Removal of ECR  A demonstration of any non-ECR categories
Birthplace change that doesn’t include a state or nation  Proof of birthplace and an affidavit explaining the basis for a change in birthplace


The website of Passport Seva lists the documents needed to apply for a passport or obtain a re-issuance under particular conditions. In addition to the information provided above, candidates should check the site before submitting to prevent rejection. 

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What Document Is Necessary for a Passport Appointment? 

For passport appointments the educational documents required for passport appointment are as follows: 

Candidates must bring a hard copy of each document needed for a passport appointment that has been self-attested when they visit the Passport Seva Kendra office. Additionally, the following paperwork is required: 

  • Application Reference Number 
  • A confirmation of payment for the passport application and appointment. 
  • Print a copy of the confirmation page for the appointment. 


Does a passport application require proof of education? 

Educational documents required for passport. No, the academic transcript is not required as new passport documentation. It is only necessary as age proof, but one may also present additional documentation, such as a birth certificate or a policy bond from a public life insurance firm that includes the policyholder’s birthdate, as age proof. 

Is it required to submit all original paperwork while applying for a passport?

At the PSK, you must have all original documentation with you. However, the applicant receives their original documents back. Soft copies of the requisite documents must be uploaded with the application, per the list of credentials needed for a passport. 

Can someone else submit the applicant’s passport application paperwork at PSK on their behalf? 

No, the applicant must physically attend the appointment and provide the required paperwork to obtain a passport. It cannot be submitted on the applicant’s behalf by anyone else.

How Should I Proceed If the Documents Needed by the Passport Office Are Not Available? 

It is required to provide the paperwork needed to apply for a new passport or have one renewed. Each category of required documents has a number of possibilities. For each category, the candidate must submit at least one document. The application process is streamlined by providing all relevant documentation for an Indian passport. Before applying, applicants must read the instructions posted on the Passport Seva website. 

That’s all about Educational documents required for passport

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