Are you looking for Dubai visit visa charges? First and foremost, an Indian visitor to Dubai must first obtain a Dubai visa. Passengers on Emirates Airlines can apply for a UAE visa using the DVPC smartphone app in only five minutes. For an Indian visiting the UAE for tourism, such as a vacation or even to see family in Dubai, a Dubai tourist visa is the best option. But first, you must choose whether you want a visa that will last 48 or 96 hours or something longer like a 30-day or 90-day visa. There are also 30- and 90-day multiple-entry visas available.  It takes you to the visiting visa cost for Dubai or Dubai visit visa price as well as 30 days Dubai visa cost.

Indian passport holders can apply online for a Dubai visa, and if their application is approved, they will receive an email with a copy of their e-visa. Process for obtaining a Dubai visa for an Indian is not too complicated. Let’s discuss the various Dubai visas now.

Dubai visit visa charges

The Dubai visit visa charges depend upon the time of the stay or travel to the country. Following is a Dubai visit visa price for all the visa types for Dubai in tabulated manner.

48 HRS Transit Visa 2200 3200 SINGLE
96 HRS Transit Visa 3899 4899 SINGLE
14 Days Service Visa 9500 10500 SINGLE
30 Days Tourist Visa 6625 7625 SINGLE
30 Days Tourist Visa 15850 16850 MULTIPLE
90 Days Tourist Visa 16210 17210 SINGLE
90 Days Tourist Visa 38700 39700 MULTIPLE
Visa Extension – 30 Days Tourist Visa 20000 NA SINGLE 
Visa Extension – 90 Days Tourist Visa 20000 NA  SINGLE 

Normal visa processing takes three to five business days. The UAE immigration department has the exclusive authority to approve or reject visas without influenced of Visa Lounge.

2-3 working days are required for Express Visa processing. The UAE immigration department has the exclusive authority to approve or reject visas without influenced of Visa Lounge.

Dubai visa types

You have to find a type of visa that suits you best for your travel. In this article, we will discuss Dubai visit visa charges. The several categories of Dubai visas include:

  • Dubai visa for 48 hours: This type of visa allows for a single entry and is valid for 48 hours, including the date of entry and exit. For individuals who want to visit the UAE and want to stay there for fewer than two days, this is the best option. 
  • Dubai visa for 96 hours: This visa is only good for 96 hours and includes your date of entry and departure. Travellers who plan to remain for less than four days favour this type of visa. 
  • Short-Term Single Entry Visa: This 30-day tourist visa is single-entry only and covers the dates of entry and exit. It is valid for travel only. Such a visa’s 58-day entry validity period may be extended twice for a total of 30 additional days. Each time, there is an extension cost of 850 AED.
  • Dubai visa for 90 days with one entry: This visa has a 90-day validity period and contains your arrival and departure dates. Travellers who plan to stay for a reasonably extended period of time use this. After you’ve used up the initial 90 days that your visa was valid, you can renew it twice for another 30 days each. The entrance validity for such a visa is 58 days from the date of issuance. Every time, there is an extension cost of AED 850.
  • Several Entry Short-Term Visa: This type of visa allows for multiple entries, each of which has a 58-day initial validity period and a two-time, 30-day extension period. 

Documents required for Dubai visa application

Before knowing more about the Dubai visit visa price, you have to aware about the documents required for a Dubai visa. The standard documents needed for a Dubai visa, whether it be for travel or business, includes: – 

  • A passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months.
  • A photocopy of the properly completed visa application form.
  • scanned Two colour photos with a white background.
  • A cover letter from the applicant outlining his visit’s goal and intended stay time.
  • Tickets for a confirmed return flight.
  • Documentation proving a hotel reservation on each day of your trip to Dubai.
  • A photocopy of your PAN card and both the original and a photocopy of your IT returns.
  • Original investment paperwork and a scanned copy of them. There is a need to have a minimum of five lacs worth of investments in the form of FDs .
  • Under the age of 24, a woman travelling alone must obtain a NOC from her father or husband.

How to apply for a visa to Dubai

In this section, we’ll go over how to apply for a Dubai visa on your own. First you have to fill the application form to pay the Dubai visit visa charges.

  1. Decide on a visa category.
  2. Start the application procedure.
  3. Book an appointment for your application.
  4. Pay your fees for visa
  5. Take a visit to the nearest visa application.
  6. Track your application.


Q1.Can I drive in the UAE with my Indian driver’s licence?

Ans. No. You must apply for either an international driving licence or a UAE licence in order to drive in the UAE.

Q2: What separates a multiple entry visa from a standard tourist visa?

Ans. For travel or sporadic vacations, a basic tourist visa is a one-entry, one-exit document. Those who frequently visit Dubai for work, play, or to visit family or friends should apply for the multiple entry Dubai visa.

Q3. I am an Indian national travelling to the United Arab Emirates for a holiday. Is a visa necessary?

Ans. You do in fact need a visa. Your passport needs to be at least six months old.

Q4. If I want to work in the UAE, how can I secure a work visa and know about  Dubai visit visa charges?

Ans. You will need sponsorship from your workplace. The organization will send you the work permit right away. The Embassy does not provide a work permit. This article is sufficient to know about visit visa charges. If you wanna know more about it, you can visit the official website of Dubai.

Q5. Can the Embassy withdraw my visa for employment or residency in the UAE?

Ans. The only party with the power to revoke a residence or work visa in the UAE is an employer or other sponsor in the country. It is taken after employment contract expiry.