Want to apply for driving licence renewal in Tamilnadu online? If your driver’s licence has expired and you’re worried about the hassle of applying for a Tamil Nadu driver license renewal, you can rest easy.   Without any further delay let’s get started with driving licence renewal process online in Tamilnadu.

You know how important a driver’s licence is in everyday life. You cannot even drive if your driver’s licence has expired. So, you must renew your driving licence.

 Documents required for Tamilnadu driving licence renewal

What are the documents you must require for driving licence renewal online Tamilnadu? If you want to online driving licence renewal Tamilnadu, you must carry the following documents:

  1. Expired Driving Licence.
  2. Application Form No. 2 for Tamil Nadu driver license renewal ( )
  3. Physical Fitness Self-Declaration for Non-Transport Vehicles (Form no. 1)
  4. Only for transport vehicles, a medical certificate is required. ( Form 1A )
  5. Fees as prescribed for the Tamilnadu driving licence renewal.

Tamilnadu driving licence renewal Offline

What is the process for the Tamilnadu driving licence renewal? Well the offline procedure for Tamil Nadu driver’s license renewal is really simple

  1. For Tamil Nadu driver license renewal fill out the Form 9. Renewal application Form 9 can be downloaded or picked up at the RTO office.
  2. Complete all fields and attach the relevant documents with this.
  3. Deposit all documents along with deposit fees at the RTO counter and receive an acknowledgement slip.

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Online Driving Licence Renewal Tamilnadu

If you want to apply for an online driving licence renewal then visit offlicial website of MoRT

  1. To do your driving license renewal online in Tamil Nadu, you must go to the website of the Ministry of Road and Transport.
  2. Select ‘Driving Licence Related Service’ under the Online Services column.
  3. Choose Tamil Nadu as the state for your driver’s license renewal in Tamil Nadu.
  4. Click on ‘Apply for DL Renewal’ to continue with the procedure for renewing your TamilNadu driving license online.
  5.  A new window will appear. Check out the steps for submitting an application for a driver’s license renewal online in Tamilnadu and click on ‘Continue’ to continue.

online driving licence renewal tamilnadu

5. Now, you need to enter the information of expired ‘Driving Licence Number’ and ‘Date of Birth’. Then click on the ‘Proceed’ for further process of online driving licence renewal.

tamilnadu driving licence renewal

6. After that, create an acknowledgement and print it.

7. Visit your nearby RTO or Transport Department office along with the required document and printout of acknowledgement to get your Tamil Nadu driver license renewal done.

8. A driver’s license renewal fee in Tamil Nadu is charged by the RTO. A few days later, you received your renewed driving license.

This is the procedure for driving licence renewal online Tamilnadu you must follow to renew your expired driving licence.

Grace period for Tamilnadu driving licence renewal

What is the grace period you will get after the expiry of your driving licence? You have a 30-day grace period after your licence expires. Your driver’s licence will expire after 20 years.

If you do not have Tamil Nadu driver license renewal during the grace period, you will be charged a higher fee for driving licence renewal online Tamilnadu.

The licence will be renewed with effect from the date of submission if the renewal application is received prior to or within 30 days of the licence expiration date. If the application is received more than 30 days after the licence expires, the renewal will begin on the date the proper application is received.

A fee of Rs. 30/- will be charged in such cases.

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Check the status of Tamilnadu driving licence renewal

How to check the status of the online driving licence renewal Tamilnadu application? If you want to know the status of Tamilnadu driving licence renewal application then follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Transport Commissionerate and State Transport Authority of Tamil Nadu’s official websites to check Tamil Nadu driver license renewal status.
  2. Select ‘License Status’ and enter your driver’s licence number.
  3. Then, to complete this process of DL renewal in Tamil Nadu, enter the required information, such as your date of birth and the verification code.
  4. Now, select ‘Check Status’ from the drop-down menu. This will display data such as:

Number of the application

Number of a licence

Date on which the card was printed Date on which it was dispatched

Online driving licence renewal Tamilnadu is simple and straightforward. The validity of DL is given for 5 years in the case of non-transport vehicles and 3 years in the case of transport vehicles after renewal.

Fee for driving licence renewal online Tamilnadu

What is the fee required for the driving licence renewal online tamilnadu? The fee required for the Tamilnadu driving licence renewal is:

  1. The cost of Tamilnadu driving licence renewal of a transport vehicle is Rs.450.
  2. The cost of driving licence renewal online Tamilnadu for a non-transport vehicle is Rs.500.

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I hope all the queries regarding the online driving licence renewal Tamilnadu has been resolved through this blog. If not, then please mention it in the comment box. I will be happy to answer your all those queries.