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Medical Fitness Certificate for Driving License

medical fitness for Driving License

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A medical certificate for driving license is a document issued by a qualified medical professional. They verify that you’re physically fit to drive a vehicle. A medical fitness certificate is one of the key requirements if you are renewing your driving licence after the age of 40.

Who needs a Medical Fitness Certificate Driving Licence?

Medical fitness certificate for learning license as well as a permanent driving licence. You need medical fitness certificate if you are

  • Older than 40 years
  • Applying for commercial driving license (e.g. truck, bus, taxi)
  • You have certain medical conditions (e.g. vision issues, neurological disorders)


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Form1 Vs Form1-A: What’s the Difference?

There are two types of medical form for driving licence you require to apply for a driving license in India.

Form 1

Form 1 is an Application-cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness. It is a self-declaration medical form for driving licence.

Every driving license applicant needs to fill and submit this form with other required documents with the driving licence application.

Form 1-A

Form 1-A is a Medical form for Driving License that all applicants of 40 years of age or above need to submit with the other documents. It is to be filled and attested by a gazetted government hospital doctor or CMO. It also comprises of medical fitness certificate for driving licence.

How you can get Medical Certificate for Driving Licence?

You can easily download it. But you need to get it signed by a registered medical practitioner. All you need to do is take the medical certificate for driving licence form ( Form1-A) to the doctor and they will fill it out after verifying your medical details through a thorough assessment. You can download the medical form from the website from here.

Application for Medical Certificate for Driving Licence

Here’s the step-by-step procedure to download a medical fitness certificate for driving licence online.

  • Firstly, visit and select Online Services to click on Driving License Related Services. 
  • Then, select your state of residence from the drop-down list.
  • Third, select the Others menu from the top blue bar and click on Print Application Forms.
  • Finally, enter your driving license application number and date of birth to download Form-1A and Form 1. If you are below 40 years of age, only download Form 1.

medical form for driving licence

  • Now, fill Form 1 and either upload it on the website or keep it for the RTO submission.
  • Then, get the Form 1-A attested by the registered government doctor or CMO.
  • Here,  the doctor will put a seal on your medical certificate. The doctor will also do your complete body check-up to ensure all details in the form are correct.
  • Finally, collect the form and submit the medical fitness certificatewith the other documents for driving licence in your district RTO. If you’re applying online, you can also upload it.

Final Thought: Medical fitness certificate for driving licence

A medical certificate for learning license and a permanent license is the same. The sole purpose of the document is to ensure you are physically and mentally fit to drive a vehicle as per the set guidelines. You need medical fitness certificate if your age is more that 


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