Wonder how to apply for driving licence online ?  Process for driving licence is mix of online and offline formalities. What happens when a common person wants to acquire a Driving Licence by approaching the RTO without an agent, one needs good eyesight and a disease-free body and a very vital parameter – patience. For the average citizen, it takes up to half a working day or more to procure a learner’s license same is the case with permanent driving licence.

Why is the e-way not one’s best option?

A common person who decides to not seek assistance from any agent, and wants to take control in his own hands has to log on to the RTO’s website sarathi.nic.in. The catch here as it turns out, is that it cannot be accessed from just any browser, as it requires a specific one to access the site.

Generally, after a series of attempts, people give up and approach the RTO personally to fill the form manually. When one reaches the RTO, she/he is told that only online appointments are allowed for the learner’s driving license.

An expensive boon

Dejected, the commoner prepares to leave the RTO, which is when an agent offers to get the work done within 30 minutes for Rs. ****. Since people on a mission don’t want to go back home without results and also want to do the work themselves, it is tempting to pay a mere Rs. *** (a smaller amount) to log in, apply for an online application and get an appointment.

The half-a day-long wait begins

The ordeal starts when you are asked to visit the RTO on a specified date with the required documents. When you enter inside, the atmosphere is chaotic and you are clueless about which window to approach to begin the process.

The agent who got you the appointment, is present around the corner and spots you and insists again to take his service to ‘avoid all the hassle’.

No boards anywhere, ergo, nowhere to go

After making the payments, generally people are expected to move away from the window and move on to next. One is left clueless about whom to approach for the next step of the process and one moves up the ladder slowly solving a little riddle with every step upwards. Also, often these counters are not located in one building block.

No ‘proper’ documents, no license

Your online application can be rejected several times citing lack of documents. And this could be damaging to your mental resolution to get things done on your own.

 On the other hand, if all the documents are in place, you are required to go and get your identification done by the officer. Somehow, you manage to reach the room where the identification process is done, but there too, on several occasions you could be informed that your details have not been entered into the system yet.

The ‘final’ stage, a misnomer?

If you are patient enough to survive this hassle and manage to sort the paper work, the next step would be to appear for a test. After clearing the test, the officer who is supposed to verify your documents has to sign them before issuing the learner’s license and ironically he is never in a hurry to do so. The wait might end or continue for few more long hours.

The easier way: itzeazy way…..

Itzeazy provides RTO consultancy services for cars and bikes in all the major cities of India. The service is door-step. Itzeazy has expert team of RTO consultants who advice and guide you in all RTO related matters.

How to apply for driving licence online

  • Order online
  • Upload documents for pre-check
  • Appointment scheduled for Learning License test at RTO
  • Visit of applicant to RTO for Learning License test
  • Receive Learning License
  • After 30 days of Learning License issue date appointment scheduled for Permanent DL
  • Visit of applicant to RTO for permanent DL test
  • Receive permanent DL by post

Documents Required for Driving Licence

  • Duly filled Form No. 1, 2, 3.
  • Three recent passport size photographs
  • Proof of address (Ration Card, Passport, LIC Policy, Voter ID card, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Water Bill)
  • Proof of Age (School Certificate, Birth Certificate, PAN card)
  • Medical fitness certificate if applicant’s age is above 50 years

To know the detail about the driving licence process please refer https://itzeazy.in/blog/2018/02/11/driving-licence/