Schengen Visa application process is an essential part to carry without any mistake. While applying ,along with the documents, there is a need to fulfil Schengen Visa Photo Requirements.  Two passport size photos are required while applying for Schengen visa  so it is necessary to know guidelines  of Schengen Visa Photo size before taking the photos. Therefore here you can get to know all about the photo requirements for Schengen visa ,including  the size, format, background color, facial expression, and clothing .

Schengen Visa photo Requirements

The European Union has adopted a common standard for Schengen visa photos while application. That are the same as the mandatory specifications for passport photos that the international civil aviation organization has specified.

The Schengen visa photo requirements are given below:

  1. Captured within the last 6 months
  2. The Schengen visa photo size needs to be 35*40mm. A close-up of your head and top of your shoulders need visible so, that your face takes 70-80% of the photo space.
  3. The photo should be a color photograph not in black and white.
  4. Take with a plain and light color background.
  5. Your facial expressions should be neutral.
  6. Take it with uniform lighting. Your face should clearly visible.
  7. Need proper brightness and contrast.
  8. Your eyes should be open and visible.
  9. No ink marks or creases on a photograph.
  10. Shows both edges of your face clearly
  11. No hair across your eyes in a photo.
  12. Digital makeup is not allowed in photographs.
  13. No red eyes
  14. Sunglasses not allowed
  15. Caps are not allowed
  16. Big accessories that cover your face are not allowed.
  17. Colored lenses are not allowed.
  18. In photo shadows and reflections are not allowed.

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Guidelines for Schengen photo requirements


If you wear glasses in a photograph there should be your eyes need to be clear. And no flash reflection of glasses needs to be in photographs. Avoid heavy frames and if possible try to wear light glasses. Make sure glasses do not cover your face in photo. And if possible remove glasses. Sunglasses are not allowed in the photograph for Schengen visa photo requirement.

Head covering and Hat:

No head covering and hat is not allowed in photographs. Any type of facial covering is not allowed. Your face needs to be visible from the forehead to the bottom chin needs to visible. And also both edges of the face need to be visible.

Background and quality of a photograph

The background should be clear and one colored color needs to be light. In the photo, you need to be alone no other person or things should not be allowed. You need to look at a camera with neutral expressions on your face.

The photo needs to be taken with a digital camera with high-quality colors. And need to print on high-quality paper with high resoulation.

Schengen visa photo specifications for Children:

When talking about the children’s photos for Schengen visa. There is no agreed standard between the Schengen countries. Because it’s very difficult to look at camera photo in case of children under one-year-old.

  1. Under 6 months old children: Children under 6 months can photograph when lying down or sitting in the baby chair. It is not mandatory for should the eyes of the baby needs to be open. And if he did not look at the camera it’s also okay. The background should of one color and any support like hands are not accepted.
  2. Under 5 years old children :For the Under 5 years old children also some rules are relaxed. Their head is not straight is acceptable and also do not have neutral expressions it’s also acceptable. But the color of the eyes needs to be visible. If a child is not looking at the camera it’s acceptable.

How can I take a Schengen visa photo?

  1. For Schengen visa photo requirements you can take photographs at any photo studio near you. Maximum photo studios have all the equipment for taking clear and high-resolution photos.
  2. If you want you can take photos at your home and also make sure all the requirements get fulfilled.
  3. Application photos that do not match the standard will probably be rejected by the consulate or embassy officials.
  4. If you apply online for the Schengen visa then you need to scan or upload the photograph. For that, you need to take the same requirements need to consider.


Q 1: Is white background suitable for the Schengen visa photo requirement?

A: It is suggested to avoid the white color background in the visa photo. You can use light gray or any other light color.

Q 2: What if now I do not look like my photo?

A: If you changed your appearance from the photo. Like by growing hair or glasses or anything. But it’s a biometric photo so you are still identifiable. But making drastic changes in your appearance is not a good idea.

Q 3: What should be the Schengen visa photosize needed the match the requirement?

A: The Schengen visa photo size needs to be measuring 35mm across and 45mm in height.