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Malaysia e visa for Indian

Malaysia eVisa

Are you planning to visit Malaysia? Obtaining a visa is necessary for entry into Malaysia for a sizable number of foreign nationals. For Indian citizens, the Malaysia e Visa is the best and most convenient way to travel to the country. The Malaysia e Visa for Indian citizens, Malaysia e Visa online, and Malaysia e Visa processing time make the application process simple and efficient.

Malaysia e visa for Indian

For various travel purposes, you need different types of visas. Indian citizens can apply for Malaysia e Visa as per their requirements. Whether it’s for tourism, business, education, or work, make sure to check the specific visa requirements before applying. A valid visa ensures a smooth journey to Malaysia.

The list of visa categories is provided below:

Malaysia single entry visa

Foreign nationals who want to enter Malaysia for a tourism/business visit can do so with a single entry visa (tourist/ business). The Malaysia single entry visa allows the holder one entry only into the nation, as its name suggests.

Malaysia’s single entry visa is valid for three months after the date of issuance.

Maximum stay period allowed is 30 days.

Malaysia multiple entry visa 

Foreign nationals who require entry into Malaysia for tourism/business purposes with multiple entry facility having validity period of 1 year can apply for sticker visa. Once it has been granted, the visa remains valid for twelve months from the date it was issued.

Additionally, the multiple entry visa to Malaysia is also available to Indian and Chinese nationals who want to travel to Malaysia for social (tourist) purposes. Furthermore, the holder of this sort of visa is permitted a stay of up to 30 days once in Malaysia. It’s crucial to remember that the stay cannot be prolonged.

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Transit visa

The tourist is not necessary to obtain a transit visa if they will not be leaving the airport. Moreover, individuals will require a transit visa for Malaysia only if they will be leaving the airport and staying in the country for a brief length of time.

Additionally, passengers transiting via Kuala Lumpur International Airport can obtain a free transit pass for stays of up to 120 hours. This is particularly beneficial for travelers from nations that do not enjoy visa-free entrance to Malaysia.

What is the procedure of Malaysia e Visa?

Here is some steps to get your Malaysia e Visa online:

1.If you’re a first-time applicant, you must select “I’m New” to begin the application process.

You must select “Returning User” to access your account if you are an existing applicant.

2.For new applicants, you need to register by filling all the required information.  For filling the form, click here.

  1. After completing the application.
  2. The Malaysian Immigration Department  must first approve your application.
  3. Please be aware that the Malaysian High Commission may ask applicants for additional documentation, conduct an interview, or schedule a video conference if there is any concern.

eNTRI Malaysia visa (Electronic travel registration & information)

For citizens of China and India, the Malaysian government established the eNTRI, or electronic travel registration and information system. The eNTRI is an electronic travel authorisation that allows the bearer to stay in Malaysia for a period of 15 days. The eNTRI visa waiver is only valid for single-entry, which Indian and Chinese tourists should be aware of.

You can easily obtain a Malaysia eNTRI visa. The eNTRI can be readily completed online; all applicants must supply their passport information and a few basic personal facts. A working day is often all it takes to process and approve an eNTRI application. The visa remains valid for three months after issuance.

Furthermore, after using an eNTRI visa, the holder must wait up to three months before applying for another eNTRI. You cannot extend this kind of visa for Malaysia.

Medical e Visa for Malaysia

Moreover, patients who want to go to Malaysia for medical treatment, surgeries, or services can do so with the use of an electronic visa. This electronic visa streamlines the application process and facilitates medical travel to Malaysia. To successfully apply for the Malaysia online medical visa, applicants must fulfill a number of requirements, including setting up a medical appointment with an MHTC (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council) member hospital and submitting a hospital appointment letter.

The Malaysia e Visa medical allows patients to stay in the nation for up to 30 days. Foreign patients can only use the e Visa to schedule appointments at Malaysia’s recognized private hospitals and healthcare facilities. Holders of e Visas are not eligible for public healthcare. You must request the medical e Visa at least 14 working days prior to your desired date of travel.

The e Visa is only valid for one entrance into Malaysia and remains valid for three months after authorities issue it, provided the applicant’s passport is still valid.

Malaysia visa upon arrival

Under certain circumstances, Malaysian citizens may obtain visas upon arrival. Chinese and Indian nationals can obtain a visa on arrival for a stay of up to 7 days if they are travelling directly to the country from Singapore, Indonesia, or Thailand and have a current visa for each of these three nations.

At the airports in Penang, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuala Lumpur-International, visitors can receive a visa upon arrival. The passenger must, however, provide their return airline ticket and evidence of having at least 79,925.50 INR in their possession.

Additionally, the passenger must pay 407 Malaysian ringgit for the visa on arrival (7,992.55 INR). The authorities will not accept payment for the arrival-only visa in any other currency.

Malaysia e Visa online

Before applying for Malaysia e Visa online, you must check whether you are eligible to travel to Malaysia. Otherwise, authorities will reject your application. You must hire an agent to avoid such issues. 

To apply for a Malaysian e Visa online, you need a current passport from one of the listed nations and a credit or debit card to cover the application fee. The authorities typically approve and process the majority of applications swiftly (often within 1 business day).

Submitting a printed A4 copy of their approved e Visa along with their passport, evidence of adequate finances, return airline ticket, and lodging documentation allows visitors to enter Malaysia through any port of entry. You must use the same passport for both the Malaysia e Visa online application and the trip to Malaysia.

Malaysia e Visa requirements

There is a list of some documents which you need during applying for the Malaysia e Visa. As documentation being the most important part, you must do it preciously.. Listed below are the documents that you must scan and upload with your application.

  1. A passport-sized studio photograph
  2. a passport biodata page that is valid for at least six months after the date of travel
  3. A confirmed returned return ticket
  4. Birth certificate for applicants who are minors
  5. Evidence of housing and 
  6. Further supporting papers

If you have all the necessary documents, then time to apply for the Malaysia e Visa for Indian.

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How long is the validity period of my Malaysia e VISA?

An e VISA is good for three months, and the possessor is allowed to visit Malaysia as many times as they like for as long as their nationality allows for it.

Do I need to print my Malaysia e Visa?

Yes, you must print your e VISA, which you will receive in A4 printing format. Please remember that you must display your e VISA printout at the Malaysia entry checks when you arrive.

How can I track the status of my Malaysia e Visa application?

As email will be the primary form of communication with you, it is important that you keep an eye out for any email notifications from us.

What is the process for utilizing my Malaysian e Visa?

Once a Malaysian electronic visa has been granted, the holder may enter Malaysia through any port of entry. Travellers can enter Malaysia for up to 30 days using an e Visa that is valid for three months. The Malaysia e Visa is a short-term visa with a single entry. Foreign citizens must always check with their nearest Malaysian Mission to confirm the type of visa needed for extended visits.

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