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The Assam Regional Transport Office (RTO) plays an important role in managing vehicle registration and driving licenses, ensuring that road safety rules and regulations have been maintained smoothly throughout the state. The local people must know everything about RTO in Assam, the area it serves under the jurisdiction, services it provides, documents required, forms, fees, and more.

RTO Assam

Assam RTO is responsible for providing services like issuing permits and traffic regulations for road safety. This includes the traffic flow in peak hours, giving traffic rules information to vehicle drivers, etc.

Also, the RTO needs to maintain a record of the vehicle’s ownership, registration, and vehicle inspection reports. It has statutory power under the Motor Vehicle Acts and Rules. Along with this, they are also responsible for inspecting the vehicle insurance and clearing the pollution test of the vehicles.

Monitoring and executing the rules as per the Motor Vehicle Act so that RTO can provide services without delay and complete work correctly on the given timeline.

Services at Assam RTO

Assam RTO performs many functions.

  1. Issues New and Renews driving licences
  2. International driving permits.  Provide fitness certificate 
  3. Issues NOC for ownership transfer
  4. Vehicle Registration 
  5. Ownership transfer and re-registration of vehicle
  6. Road Tax collection
  7. Pollution under control

RTO/ DTO Assam detect the offender vehicles violating the relevant rules and regulations. It takes action against them through the Enforcement Wing of the Transport Department. 

List of Assam RTO Code

The following table represents Assam RTO/DTO Code of district and respective address of DTO Assam

District  Assam RTO/ DTO code Address
Guwahati, Kamrup AS- 01 District Transport Office, Kamrup(R & L) Betkuchi,N.H.37, Guwahati-34Telephone:(0361)-2431376
Nagaon AS- 02 A.S.T.C CampusP.O. Nagaon, District- Nagaon, Assam
Jorhat AS-03 District Transport OfficeGar Ali, P.O. Jorhat, District- Jorhat, Assam
Sivasagar AS- 04 Ranghar Chari Ali, P.O. Sivasagar, District- Sivasagar, Assam
Golaghat AS- 05 Arengapara, Ward No-1, P.O. Golaghat, District- Golaghat, Assam
Dibrugarh AS- 06 A.T.Road, Phool Bagan, P.O. Dibrugarh, District- Dibrugarh, Assam
Lakhimpur district AS- 07 Phanindra Path, P.O. North Lakhimpur, District- N.Lakhimpur, Assam
Dima Hasao AS- 08 MV Branch O/O D.C. office N.C.Hills , Dima Hasao, Assam
Karbi Anglong AS- 09 Diphu, P.O. Diphu, District- Karbi Anglong, Assam
Karimganj AS- 10 Steamer Ghat Road, P.O. Karimganj, District- Karimganj, Assam
Cachar AS- 11 Park Road, P.O. Silchar, Assam
Sonitpur AS- 12 P.O. Tezpur, District- Sonitpur, Assam
Darrang AS-13 P.O. Mangaldoi, District- Darrang, Assam
Nalbari AS-14 P.O. Nalbari, District- Nalbari, Assam
Barpeta AS- 15 P.O. Barpeta, District- Barpeta, Assam
Kokrajhar AS- 16 P.O. Kokrajhar, District- Kokrajhar, Assam
Dhubri AS- 17 P.O. Dhubri, District- Dhubri, Assam
Goalpara AS- 18 Agia Road, Bhalukdubi, P.O. Baladmari, District- Goalpara, Assam
Bongaigaon AS- 19 T.R.Phukan Road, P.O. Bongaigaon, District- Bongaigaon, Assam
Assam state transport corporation AS- 20 NA
Morigaon AS- 21 Marigaon-Nagaon Road, P.O. Morigaon, District- Morigaon, Assam
Dhemaji AS- 22 P.O. Dhemaji, District- Dhemaji, Assam
Tinsukia AS- 23 A.T.Road, P.O. Tinsukia, District- Tinsukia, Assam
Hailakandi AS- 24 P.O. Hailakandi, District- Hailakandi, Assam
Kamrup Rural AS- 25 Amingaon, North Guwahati, Guwahati-31
Chirang AS- 26 P.O. Dhaligaon, District- Chirang, Assam
Udalguri AS- 27 Block Chuk,P.O. Udalguri, District- Udalguri, Assam
Baska AS- 28 Musalpur Kadamtal Road,P.O. Musalpur, District- Baksa, Assam
Majuli AS- 29 DTO, Majuli Assam
Assam police vehicles AS- 30 NA
Hojai AS- 31 DTO, Hojai Assam
Biswanath chariali AS- 32 DTO, Biswanath chariali Assam
Charaideo AS- 33 DTO, Charaideo  Assam
South Salmara Mankachar AS- 34 Jatio Vidyalaya Road, Hatsingimari, Assam

Documents required for different services at RTO Assam

Different services require different documents. Here are the document requirements at RTO Assam

  1. Transfer of Ownership
  2. NOC
  3. Duplicate RC
  4. Re-registration of vehicle
  5. HP Cancellation
  6. Driving License
  7. International Driving License

Documents required for transfer of ownership of vehicle

  • RC Book
  • Form 29
  • Form 30
  • A valid insurance policy for the vehicle
  • Pollution Control Certificate
  • PAN Card (or Form 60): Proof of identity and address for both seller and buyer (PAN card is preferred.

Documents required for vehicle NOC

Following are the documents required for vehicle NOC 

  1. Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of Chachis no
  2. Original RC and 
  3. Copy of the RC
  4. Copy of valid insurance
  5. Copy of pollution certificate
  6. Proof of tax payment of motor vehicle (updated)

Documents required for Duplicate RC of vehicle

Following are the documents required for duplicate RC of the vehicle 

  1. Application on form 26
  2. Copy of valid insurance policy
  3. Copy of pollution under control certificate
  4. Copy of address proof
  5. Police certificate

Documents required for re-registration of vehicle

Following are the documents required for the re-registration of the vehicle

  1. Original RC
  2. Original NOC and 2 nos of form 28
  3. Valid insurance
  4. Valid Pollution certificate
  5. Address proof 
  6. Copy of purchase invoice
  7. 1 no of form 20
  8. 2 nos nos. of form 27
  9. 2 nos. of form 33

Documents required for HP cancellation

Documents required for HP cancellation are:

  1. 2 copy of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed  by the registered owner
  2. A certificate from the financier for having retained full dues 
  3. Original RC
  4. Copy of Valid Insurance
  5. Allotment letter of the vehicle
  6. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  7. Copy of address proof of the registered owner
  8. Pollution under control certificate
  9. No Objection Certificate from the financier

Documents required for Driving Licence

Following are the documents required for a Driving Licence in Assam RTO

  1. Address proof 
  2. Date of birth proof 
  3. Two passport-size photographs
  4. Form 1A

Documents required for International Driving Licence

Documents required for an international driving license in the Assam RTO Office are:

  1. Driving licence (original+ photocopy)
  2. Duly filled Application form 4A
  3. Valid passport
  4. Medical certificate needed for those above age of 50
  5. Valid Visa
  6. Passport sized photograph – 3

Forms that required at the Assam RTO

While applying for any of the RTO services through Assam RTO, there is a need to fill out the respective service-related form. Following are the forms that required in the Assam RTO:

1. Form no. 1:

In the category of the driving license first application form is Form no. 1. This form knows as application cum declaration as to physical fitness. This form needs fill out by applicants to check their physical fitness. That he has suffered from any disease or disability that can affect their driving skills.

2. Form no. 1A:

The next form in the category is the driving license form no. 1A or you call it a medical certificate. For verifying the information filled in form no. 1 this form used.

3. Form no. 20:

This form 20 comes under vehicle registration. This form knows as the application for registration of a motor vehicle. If the applicant wants to register his motor vehicle then he or she needs to fill out this form.

In this form, they need to mention the details of the vehicle such as type of vehicle, fuel engine used in the vehicle, seating capacity, etc.

4. Form no. 26:

Form no. 26 is used for the duplicate certificate of registration. If the applicant lost his original registration certificate then by filling out this form they can apply for a duplicate registration certificate.

5. Form no. 27:

Form no. 27 is known as the application for the assignment of a new registration mark to a motor vehicle. This form is to be filled out by the applicant when they want to register their vehicle once again. This situation occurs when an applicant moves from one state to another state.

6. Form no. 28:

Form no. 28 is known as the application and grant of no objection certificate. As per the name, it is a form for getting the no objection certificate for getting a driving license.

7. Form no. 30:

Form no. 30 is used when a person transfers his ownership of the vehicle to another person then this form needs to submit to the rto. In this form details such as transferee and transferor, etc needs to mention.

8. Form no. 31:

This form 31 is filled out. If the vehicle owner is deceased and the applicant is willing to take over the ownership of the vehicle.

Fees for various types of certificates at the Assam RTO office

Driving Licence Fee Structure

Purpose Amount
Learning Licence Issuance ₹150
Learning Licence Test ₹50
Driving Licence Test ₹300
Driving Licence Issuance ₹200
International Driving License ₹1,000
Adding Another Vehicle Class ₹500
Renewal of Driving Licence (on time) ₹200
Renewal of Driving Licence (late) ₹300 + ₹1000 per year of delay

Vehicle Registration Fee Structure

Purpose Amount
Grant/Renewal of Trade Certificate (per vehicle class) ₹500-₹1000
Duplicate Trade Certificate ₹300-₹500
Certificate of Registration (New/Renewal) ₹50-₹1000
Duplicate Certificate of Registration Half of issuance fee
Transfer of Ownership Half of issuance fee
Change of Residence Half of issuance fee
Fitness Certificate (Test) ₹200-₹1000
Fitness Certificate (Grant/Renewal) ₹200
Duplicate Letter of Authority ₹7500

How to avail services at RTO Assam?

The main services offered by Assam RTO are:

  1. Driving licence related services, and
  2. Vehicle related services 

Assam RTO Driving licence

Follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Visit the official website of Parivahan
  2. Under online services, choose Driving licence related services.
  3.  Select state name as Assam. 
  4. Choose the type of service you want to avail. Services like applying for Learning licence, Duplicate licence, change of address, application forms, appointments and many more are included here. 
  5. Fill in all the details. Pay the required fees. 

Note: If an applicant is applying for a Learning licence or Driving Licence test, they are required to attend the test in physical mode. Appointments can be done online as well as offline.

Assam RTO Vehicle Registration

Follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Visit the official website of Parivahan
  2. Under online services, choose vehicle related services. 
  3. Select state name as Assam. 
  4. Select the nearby RTO and click on Proceed. 
  5. Choose the type of service you want to avail. Services like paying tax, transfer of ownership, application for NOC, and many more are included here.
  6. Fill in all the details. Pay the required fees. Download the receipt.

Services Provided by Itzeazy

Itzeazy can help you with various RTO services in Assam

  • New Motor vehicle registration
  • Vehicle Fitness
  • Address change in RC 
  • Duplicate RC
  • Transfer of ownership 
  • Clearance certificate
  • RC extract
  • Road taxes payment
  • Traffic Challan clearance
  • NOC  for other states
  • Driving Licence (renewal, new)
  • HP termination 

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How to register a car in Assam?

An applicant can register a car by visiting the DTO Assam or visiting the official website of parivahan.

How can I check status my RC in Assam?

You can check RC status of vehicle through Parivahan website.

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