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Transfer of ownership of vehicle

Ownership Transfer of car

Car ownership transfer

Ownership Transfer

Processing time:

30 days

Visit required:


When you sell your car, it’s really important to transfer the ownership to the new buyer. This protects you in case the car gets into any accidents or illegal trouble after you’ve sold it. You need to visit RTO for the Ownership Transfer of the car. The process is completely offline.

But Itzeazy can helps you to transfer of ownership for car online. But before you apply either online or offline you will need to get the right documents ready and pay some fees to complete the transfer process.

When you can apply for ownership transfer of car

You can apply for ownership transfer of a car in the following scenarios –

  • Transfer of ownership in case of normal sale

This is when cars are sold, and when someone buys a car, the ownership gets transferred to buyer’s name.

  • Transfer of ownership on death of owner of the car

This is when the owner of a car dies, then transfer of ownership is done in favor of the legal heirs of the deceased registered owner. 

  • Transfer of ownership of car purchased in public auction

When you buy a car at auction, you become the registered owner.

Things to take care of before changing ownership of car

  •  Chalan – Make sure there are no traffic fines on the car. Clear them before transferring.
  •  Loan –  If there’s a loan, get a NOC and make sure it’s paid completely
  • Other offence like theft – Confirm the car isn’t stolen or other offences

Process of transferring ownership of car 

  • Same RTO
  • Different RTOs within the same state
  • Inter-state Transfer

Same RTO:

If the RTO of vehicle is same as the buyer’s RTO then the process is simple

  • Just submit an application to the RTO with documents
  • You will receive the new RC after processing

Different RTO within same state

You can submit the application for RC transfer to any one of the RTO

  • Where the vehicle is registered or 
  • The RTO where the buyer lives 

Inter-state Transfer

There could be 2 situations in interstate transfer: 

  1. Case 1 – You are bringing a vehicle to your state i.e., Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership from other state to your state
  2. Case 2 – You are taking a vehicle out of Pune i.e., Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership from your state to another state 

Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership from other state to your state

  • Get a No Objection Certificate from RTO of your old state.
  • Re-register the car in your state and pay the road tax.
  • Transfer the RC to your name in your state.

Inter state transfer of vehicle ownership from your state to another state 

  • Get a NOC from your state RTO.
  • Re-register the car in your new state and pay the road tax there.
  • Transfer the ownership (RC) to your name in the new state.

Car ownership transfer

  1. Go to > Select location > Choose RTO in service > Choose ownership transfer > Get started
  2. Select the details > Upload the documents and photographs
  3. Itzeazy experts will validate your documents
  4. Advance Payment of fees
  5. Form submission by Itzeazy and appointment booking for RC Transfer
  6. Your RC will be delivered to you


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RC transfer documents required

RC transfer fees for vehicle in India


Now we will take a look at the documents needed for car RC transfer and car name transfer form

Car name transfer form

Following are the RTO forms used for car name transfer :

  1. Form 29
  2. Form 30
  3. Form 35
  4. Form 28

Documents required for ownership transfer of car

Following are the documents required for car RC transfer :

  1. Original RC
  2. 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.29
  3. 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.30
  4. Copy of valid insurance
  5. Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
  6. Copy of address proof of buyer (voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL) /electricity bill /Adhar /Govt Bank account)

If there is loan or hypothecation on the car then additional documents required would be  :

  1. A certificate from financier (Bank) for having retained full dues
  2. 2 nos. of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed by registered owner

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Charges for car transfer

Car RC transfer fees is  :

  1. Car – Rs. 300
  2. Imported car – Rs. 2500

If the RC issued is in the form of any Smart Card Type, an additional fee of Rs. 200 would be charged.

If you are buying the used car after taking loan from bank or financial institution, there will be additional cost of endorsing hire purchase/lease/hypothecation agreement in the RTO.  For car its Rs. 1500.


You need to transfer car or motorcycle ownership when you:

  • Buy or sell a vehicle
  • Inherit a vehicle
  • Buy a vehicle at auction

This transfer can happen within your state or across state lines.

No matter the reason, you will need documents at your local RTO to complete the transfer. So, if you also want to change or transfer the ownership of the vehicle simply follow the steps.

I hope that now you have understood all the steps and also all the documents needed for car RC transfer.



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