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RTO Noida comes under Transport department of Uttar Pradesh (UP). In the Gautam Budh Nagar district, the RTO Offie Noida is in charge of traffic regulations, road tax collection, the issuance of driving licences, vehicle registration, and other related works such as transfer of ownership of vehicle, HP addition/termination of vehicle, NOC for vehicle, and so on. There is one RTO office in Noida to manage administrative works in Gautam Budh Nagar, which is RTO office Noida. The RTO code of Noida RTO is UP16. Itzeazy provides RTO services in Noida, so your search for an RTO agent in Noida has come to an end here.

RTO Noida performs different services or activities required to ensure safe and appropriate transport on the road. RTO Noida is primarily responsible for the enforcement of the rules and regulations in road transport in the Noida region

The main functions of the RTO Noida include:

RTO Offices in Noida

offlice location

RTO office Noida

UP16 The Regional Transport Officer ( RTO ), sector - 32, Opp.

NTPC office, Noida


RTO Fees For Driving License in Noida

RTO Fees For Registration of vehicle in Noida

Purpose Fees
Issue of learner’s licence in Form 3 for each class of vehicle ₹ 150
Learner’s licence test fee or repeat test fee, as the case may be ₹ 50
For test, or repeat test, as the case may be, of competence to drive (for each class of vehicle) ₹ 300
Issue of a driving licence ₹ 200
Issue of International Driving Permit ₹ 1000
Addition of another class of vehicle to driving licence ₹ 500
Any application for change in address or any other particulars recorded in the driving licence e.g. address etc. ₹ 200
Renewal of driving licence ₹ 200
Renewal of a driving licence for which application is made after the grace period ₹ 200

Note.:- Additional fee at the rate of one thousand rupees for delay of each year or part thereof reckoned from the date of expiry of the grace period shall be levied.

Note: Where a Smartcard Type driving licence is issued in Form 7, an additional fee of 200 rupees shall be levied.

Purpose vehicle type Fees
Issue or renewal of certificate of registration
and assignment of new registration mark
Motor cycle ₹ 300
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 600
Transfer of ownership Motor cycle ₹ 150
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 300
Change of residence Motor cycle ₹ 150
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 300
Endorsing hire purchase/lease/hypothecation agreement- Motor cycle ₹ 500
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 1500
HP cancellation/HP termination Motor cycle ₹ 0
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 0
Issue of duplicate certificate of registration Motor cycle ₹ 150
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 300
Conducting test of a vehicle for grant or renewal of certificate of fitness Motor cycle ₹ 200
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 400
Grant or renewal of certificate of fitness for motor vehicle Motor cycle ₹ 200
Light Motor Vehicles ₹ 200

Note: Additional fee of two hundred rupees shall be levied if the certificate of registration is a smart card type.

Road tax in Noida

Upto 40k 7%
More than 40k 10%
Non AC vehicle 7%
AC vehicle upto 10 Lacs 8%
AC vehicle more than 10 Lacs 10%

Documents required for RTO process of Driving License

New Driving License in Noida

For Age Proof
  • Birth certificate
  • 10th mark sheet with DOB
  • Passport
  • Anything else showing your date of birth
For Address Proof

In case, you have a different permanent address than your current address then you need submit additional address proof along with the permanent address!

For permanent address
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • House agreement
  • Voter ID
  • Utility bill in your name
For current address (if different):
  • Rental agreement plus utility bill
  • Letter from hostel or employer
Other Documents for Driving License
  • Passport photos
  • Fees
  • Medical certificate if your age is over 40
  • Your learning license from RTO Noida

Duplicate Driving License in Noida

  • Your current driving license (original if you have it)
  • Passport photos (1-2 recent ones)
  • Payment fee receipt
  • ID proof (Aadhaar card, etc)
  • Address proof (electricity bill, etc)
  • *Some situations may need extra documents:

    • Medical certificate if you are over 40
    • Challan clearance if you have traffic tickets due in RTO Noida
    • Police report if your license was stolen

    Driving License Renewal in Noida RTO


    The renewal application form - filled out and signed!

    • Your original expired or expiring driving license
    • A self-declaration that you're fit to drive
    • Medical Certificate if you're over 40
    • Two passport photos
    • ID proof and address proof
    • Payment receipt of renewal fee from RTO Noida or Official Site

    International Driving License

    • Your valid and original driving license
    • Valid passport - should have enough time left before expiring at least 6 months of validity
    • 2-4 passport photos - recent ones
    • Proof of address (Aadhaar Card or Rent Agreement)
    • Medical certificate if your age is 40+
    • Flight ticket (optional)

    Documents required for RTO Registration certificate

    Transfer of ownership of vehicle

    • Original RC
    • 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.29
    • 2 nos. of duly filled & signed Form no.30
    • Copy of valid insurance
    • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
    • Copy of address proof of buyer ( voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL)/electricity bill/ adhar/ Govt bank Account/ Rent agreement) any one

    Duplicate RC

    • 2 copy of application on form 26
    • Copy of valid insurance policy
    • Copy of pollution under control certificate
    • Copy of address proof
    • Copy of FIR

    HP Termination

    • 2 nos. of Form no. 35 duly filled & signed by registered owner
    • A certificate from financier (Bank) for having retained full dues
    • Original RC
    • Copy of Valid insurance
    • Copy of valid pollution under control certificate
    • Copy of address proof of the registered owner (voter card/ passport/ telephone(BSNL/MTNL) / electricity bill/ Adhar/ Govt bank account) any one

    NOC for vehicle

    • 4 nos. of Application on Form 28 along with pencil impression of chachis no
    • Copy of RC
    • Copy of valid insurance
    • Copy of pollution certificate
    • Address proof of city where vehicle is moving (address proof of buyer in case of selling

    Re-registration of other state vehicle

    • Original RC
    • Original NOC and 2 nos of form 28
    • Valid insurance
    • Valid Pollution certificate
    • Address proof
    • copy of purchase invoice
    • 1 no of form 20
    • 2 nos nos. of form 27
    • 2 nos. of form 33

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    Frequently asked question

    What is Noida RTO code?


    Noida RTO code is UP16 and UP18. The Regional Transport Office is in Gautam Buddha Nagar city. Operates under RTO Uttar Pradesh and uses RTO codes UP16 and UP18

    Which city is UP 87?


    The city with UP 87 RTO code is Kanshiram Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. It is formed in 2019 from parts of Gautam Buddha Nagar and Hapur districts. So, depending on the date of the vehicle registration, it could be either Noida or Kanshiram Nagar.

    What is the procedure for getting Fitness Certificate or Renewal of Fitness Certificate for Transport Vehicle?


    Get Fitness Certificate renewal forms from the RTO or download them from official Parivahan Site Fill the form > Submit application form > Required documents > Pay Fitness Certificate renewal fee > Get acknowledgment receipt.
    Renewal of Fitness Certificate should be done not more than 60 days before the date of its expiry of the registration if you want to use it continuously

    Which city is UP 81?


    Aligarh Uttar Pradesh is UP 81.

    Can my vehicle fitness certificate be canceled if my fitness certificate is valid but the vehicle is not safe & sound?


    Yes, your vehicle fitness certificate can be canceled if your vehicle is not safe and sound, even if the fitness certificate is valid.

    What happens if my vehicle met with an accident after expiry of fitness?


    Expired fitness certificate + accident = traffic fines. The amount depends on how bad things were and what kind of vehicle you have.

    A certificate won't save your car from being scrapped if it's unsafe. So keep your car in tip-top shape!

    I sold my bike one year ago which was Noida RTO registered, but the buyer has not changed ownership till now.


    It should have done it by now by submitting form 29. Find the buyer and do the same process as early as possible.