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Change name in pan card as per aadhaar

Change name in pan card as per aadhaar

Hosw to change name in PAN card as per aadhaar? There are several reasons why someone would want to change the name on their PAN card. There are spelling mistakes, Aadhaar card discrepancies, and name changes after marriage, to name a few.

The method for altering the name on your PAN card has been simplified by the Income Tax Department. PAN card holders can readily alter their names online from the convenience of their homes. If you’re unsure how to change your name on your PAN card online, here’s a step-by-step instruction with prices and a list of papers you’ll need.


The PAN card is one of the most important papers for Indian citizens, not just for tax purposes but also as a confirmation of identification. However, you need not be concerned if your PAN card was issued with an incorrect or partial name, or if you desire to change name in pan card as per aadhaar (for example, after marriage or in line with Aadhaar), because these issues may be easily resolved.

If you’re trying to link your Aadhaar card to your PAN card but it’s not working, double-check the information on your PAN and Aadhaar cards. If you wish to link your Aadhaar Card to your PAN, make sure that your demographic information, such as your date of birth, name, and gender, are the same in both papers.  If not you need to change name in pan card as per Aadhaar. Aadhaar Card is a verified 12-digit identity number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). 

A permanent Account Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric identity issued by the Income Tax Department (PAN). It’s important to note that each assessee – whether an individual, a firm or a corporation – is assigned a unique PAN.

What is the best way to change name in pan card as per Aadhaar?

People sometimes wonder what would happen if the names on their PAN and Aadhaar cards clashed. If your PAN and Aadhaar Card names are different, connecting your PAN and Aadhaar Card would be challenging. So, you should change name in pan card as per aadhaar

If there is a slight disparity between the name on your Aadhaar Card and the name on your PAN, you will receive an Aadhaar One Time Password (OTP) on your Aadhaar Card-registered cellphone number. However, to receive the OTP, PAN cardholders must guarantee that their gender and date of birth in Aadhaar and PAN are the same.

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How to Change Name in Pan Card as per Aadhaar

You can change name in pan card as per aadhaar online by downloading the PAN card correction form and paying a modest cost to fix your inaccurate name, address, and other facts.

  • Visit the National Securities Depositories Ltd.’s Tax Information Network (TIN) site (NSDL).
  • You must press the “PAN” drop-down menu after selecting the “Services” option from the menu.
  • At the top of the new page, you’ll see a “Change/Correction in PAN data” section.
  • Under the above-mentioned area, you’ll see an “Apply” link. You’ll be sent to the “Online PAN Application” page after clicking on it.
  • You must now proceed by selecting “Changes or Correction in PAN Data” from the drop-down option.
  • Select “Category” from the drop-down menu above.
  • At this point, you must complete the application by providing the following information as per your Aadhar Card:


Last name or surname

First and last name

Date of birth Middle name

Phone number

Citizenship by email

10-digit PAN

  • You must input the “Captcha code” and then click “Submit.”
  • You will receive a token number on your email ID after submitting.
  • To access the PAN rectification application form, click “Continue with PAN Application Form.”
  • Select “Submit by e-sign or e-KYC” for document submission.
  • You will now be required to supply personal information such as your father’s and mother’s phone numbers, as well as your Aadhaar number.
  • You will be sent to a screen where you must input your contact information after clicking the “Next” option.
  • You may change name in pan card as per Aadhaar here.
  • The next step is to go to the “Document Details” page.
  • Submit the required papers as verification from the appropriate tabs.
  • On the screen, there will be a self-declaration box. Tap the “Submit” option after clicking on it.
  • After you’ve completed the form, you’ll be sent to the payment page.
  • You can finish the payment process by selecting the suitable option.
  • An acknowledgment slip will be mailed to you.
  • Finally, to finish the PAN correction online, take a printout of the acknowledgment slip and send it together with other important documents to the NSDL e-Income Gov’s Tax PAN Service Unit.

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How can I amend my PAN card details as per my Aadhar card without going online?

If you follow these procedures, you may change name in Pan Card as per Aadhaar offline with ease and simplicity:

  • The PAN card rectification form must be downloaded offline from the NSDL’s official website.
  • Fill out the full form completely and accurately, including all required papers, and submit it to any NSDL collection centre near you.
  • You will get an acknowledgment slip from the authority following your submission and payment.
  • This slip must be sent to the National Securities Depositories Ltd’s Income Tax PAN Service Unit.
  • Send a letter about the application to the jurisdictional assessing officer as well.

Note that the following costs apply to both offline and online PAN rectification procedures:

  • Within India, the cost of a contact address is Rs.110.
  • Outside of India, contact address: Rs.1020
  • In addition, the acknowledgment slip must be received at the NSDL office within 15 days after receipt.

The method for changing the name on your PAN card as per Aadhar Card:

A PAN card name change might happen for a variety of reasons. Misspelt names, inaccurate names, and name changes after marriage are examples of such situations. In this scenario, you can request a change name in Pan Card as per Aadhaar by following the procedures below:

  • Download the PAN card name adjustment form from the NSDL‘s official website and fill it out online.
  • After filling out the form, attach an image of the applicant and submit it.
  • You will be sent to the payment gateway, where you must complete the transaction.

If you need to change the name on your PAN card online, you can pay with net banking, credit or debit card. For offline payment, you must prepare a demand draught and mail it along with your application form to the NSDL office’s address.

Finally, within 45 days of payment and submission, you will obtain your new PAN card.

Make sure to change name in Pan Card as per Aadhaar.


 If you fill out online application forms to change address and authenticate them using your Aadhaar OTP, you will not be able to change your address since your Aadhaar address is already taken. As a result, you must first update your address on your Aadhaar card before filling out the PAN address change form.

That’s all about Change name in pan card as per aadhaar

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