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Fitness Certificate

How to check Fitness Certificate of Vehicle Online

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Fitness Certificate

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In this article, we will discuss how to check fitness certificate of vehicle online. In India 2.46 million tons of carbon emissions have been made in the year 2020 which is 6.8% of the total carbon emission has been made by the world together. This much amount of air carbon emission makes India world’s 3rd largest carbon emitter which is directly effecting the economy.

27% of carbon that is released by India is only released by the vehicle on the road. As the vehicle gets older the carbon emission of the vehicle gets increased day by day

Government continuously tries to phase out those vehicles who are erupting carbon in the air by taking their fitness test and those vehicles who fail in the test or do not meet the parameter are tagged as an unfit vehicle for road and those vehicles who pass the test or stand out on the parameter are being certified with a fitness certificate which assures the road safety authority or traffic police that the vehicle is fit for the road.

What is a Vehicle Fitness Certificate?

Fitness certificate first came in limelight and existence in 1988 when the central government of India passed a law named as (MVA) Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 in which the government has set some guidelines for the vehicle owner. For vehicle, one of the guidelines is that any vehicle that has crossed the age of 15 years has to make a fitness test and if the car is passed in the test, then it will gain 5-year life more. If the vehicle is failed to pass the test then it has to be scrapped in the scrap yard.

In the further section, we will discuss how to check fitness certificate of vehicle online. But first, let’s see why you will require a vehicle fitness certificate.

Why is a vehicle fitness certificate required?

There are several reasons that a vehicle fitness certificate is required and those are as follows:

  • To update ourselves about the vehicle and how much air pollution is released by the vehicle.
  • Helps to maintain and upgrade the motor vehicle as owner gets information about the need of the vehicle.
  • It helps to avoid the noise pollution that has been made due to the age of the vehicle, as we get aware about the faults that occur in the vehicle.
  • Not having a proper vehicle fitness certificate has immense capability to attract the penalty from the road safety authority.

In the further section, we will discuss the things required to check a fitness certificate. Along with how to check fitness certificate of vehicle online


  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance paper
  • Active phone number (which is available with you)
  • Active E-mail ID
  • Application paper (if you have applied for a new fitness certificate)

How to check fitness certificate of vehicle online

If you want to check about your vehicle fitness and you are unaware of the procedure to follow up for getting updated about the status then you need to refer to these steps for checking vehicle fitness status.

  • Firstly, you need to pay a visit to this website
  • Then, if it is your first time, you will create a new account by clicking on the button named as “create account”.
  • Then after clicking on the button “create account”, you will be directed to a new page named as new user registration, where you need to enter your “phone number” and “e-mail ID”.
  • After entering details, you will receive OTP on both number and ID, enter it and click on the button “verify”.
  • You will be directed to the next part of same page where you need to enter your “name” and select the “password” as per your convenience then click on the button named as “save”.
  • Your account has been created and know you redirect yourself by clicking here
  • Then enter your “mobile number” and then enter your “password” that you have created while creating the account. After entering detail click on the button “Continue”.
  • Then you will be redirected to a new page name as “vehicle registration status”, enter your “vehicle number” and fill-up the “captcha”.
  • After entering all the necessary details click on the button “vahan search”.
  • All the details about the vehicle will be displayed on the screen.

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Want to download a fitness certificate?

Now you know how to check fitness certificate of vehicle online. So, if you want to download the certificate, then you can refer to these steps.

  • Firstly, you need to visit this site
  • Then, you need to select your “state”.
  • After this you will have to click on button named as “vehicle registration NO.” and then enter your registration number in the box.
  • Move your cursor in “download document” and click on option “print fitness certificate”.
  • You will be directed to a page named as print fitness certificate. Enter your “registration number” and “application No.” After filling detail click on button “verify”.
  • You will be directed to a new page named as print fitness certificate. Enter your mobile number and click on the button “generate OTP”.
  • Enter the OTP you received on your mobile number, then click on the button “submit”.
  • After doing all this procedure your fitness certificate will be shown on your screen. You can download it or take a print of it depend upon your choice.

Points to be Noticed while Completing this Procedure

  • Cost of issuing a new vehicle fitness certificate depends upon state wise as different states have different charges upon different vehicle related work.
  • Fitness certificate validity is 2 years till the date when the vehicle does not get older than 8 years. This means after every 2-year vehicle certificate renewal. When vehicle age exceeds the age of 8 year then validity of the fitness certificate comes down to 1 year which means after every 1-year vehicle certificate renewal.
  • To receive OTP, you can use any mobile number which is available with you while doing the procedure. It is not necessary to use a registered mobile number only.

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That’s all about how to check fitness certificate of vehicle online?

You can even issue a duplicate certificate for yourself if you feel concerned about losing the original fitness certificate.


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