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Registraion of vehicle

RC transfer Documents Required

RC transfer documents required

RC Transfer

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30 days

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If you want to know the RC transfer documents required then this is the right place for you. Here you will get detailed information about this. It is necessary to transfer ownership of your vehicle to the buyer if you sell it. For that, you must be aware of the procedure and documents required for RC transfer

The RC transfer or vehicle ownership transfer is critical because it ensures that the vehicle and all legal liabilities associated with it are transferred to the buyer. If you’re wondering how to transfer vehicle ownership, all you need to do is submit an application to the appropriate regional transportation office (RTO). Along with ownership transfer documents and fee for RC transfer

What are the RC transfer documents required?

Before applying for ownership transfer you will need some documents for RC Transfer. Here is the list of  RC transfer documents required :

  1. RC: The seller’s original registration certificate must be submitted to the RTO.
  2. Form 29: Both the seller and the buyer must submit Form 29 along with a passport-size photograph. It’s also a good idea to sign the form. To download the Form 29  .
  3. Form 30: Both the seller and the buyer must submit Form 30 along with a passport-size photograph. The form must be properly signed. To download the Form 30 .
  4. Form 28: If the vehicle needs to be transferred to a different RTO than where it was first registered, you’ll need to fill out Form 28.

As a result, when a vehicle is transferred within the same state, the use of Form 28 varies from city to city. However, Form 28 is required for interstate transfers.

Here are some other required documents for the ownership transfer of your vehicle. 

  1. A residential proof: Proof like voter card, passport, telephone/electricity bill or Ration card is required. Two self-attested copies of the address proof must also be attached.
  2. N.C.R.B. report: If your vehicle was involved in any anti-social activity, you must obtain an NCRB report. It’s available at your local NCRB office.
  3. Insurance: A valid insurance certificate is must require by you.
  4. PUC: A photocopy of a valid pollution certificate is required. For cars manufactured after April 2010, the PUC must be renewed every 12 months but for cars manufactured before that the PUC must be renewed every 3 months.

 Agreement of the Sale from Notary

Two forms are usually required during a vehicle sale. Two Forms i.e., 29 and 30 are the ones in question. You must submit two copies of Form 29 and only one copy of Form 30 to your local RTO out of these two forms (Regional Transport Office).

If you received external financing from a lending institution, you must also present Form 35 (No Objection Certificate) along with a lender. In addition, if the car RC is transferred through an auction, then Form 32 will be required.

In addition, the documents listed below must be completed in order to complete a vehicle’s RC transfer.

Documents from the seller’s end that must be submitted:

For RC transfer, there are some RC transfer documents required from the side of the seller

  1. Original RC
  2. Policy of insurance (you should check the validity of the policy).
  3. Letter requesting a Certificate of Clearance.
  4. Copy of PUC (Pollution under Control Certificate).
  5. Documents pertaining to road taxes from the appropriate RTO.
  6. A copy of the vehicle’s relevant delivery note.
  7. The vehicle’s owner’s manual is being sold.
  8. All warranty-related paperwork.
  9. History of services.
  10. A copy of the original invoice of the vehicle.

That’s all about the documents required for RC transfer.  Now let’s see what documents the seller should have.

Documents that a Seller Should Keep:

For RC transfer, here are the RC transfer documents required that the seller should keep.

  1. A sales contract has been signed.
  2. Your KYC documents, as well as proof of address.
  3. Demand a copy of the draught or a check.

If you’re selling a car, you should keep the following documents with you at all times until the vehicle is completely transferred to the new owner. Even after that, you should keep a folder for all of the documents listed below:

  1. Original RC documents and a copy of the insurance policy
  2. Forms 29 and 30 in duplicate.
  3. If a No Objection Certificate was issued, a copy of Form 28 must be kept as well.
  4. Tax-related documents for the vehicle in question from the appropriate RTO.

That’s all about documents required for RC transfer that seller should keep.

Clearance Certificate (CC) Application Documents:

When applying for the CC of a newly purchased vehicle, a new buyer must present the following RC transfer documents required to the RTO where his or her vehicle was originally registered:

  1. Letter of request for CC.
  2. RC in its original form.
  3. Original insurance documents are copied.
  4. Buyers should double-check that they are genuine.
  5. A copy of the PUC
  6. A self-addressed envelope with Rs.30 worth of stamps attached.

The RTO uses documents required for RC transfer to send the CC. (This envelope must be attached only if you are applying offline).

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Transfer of Ownership Documents

To complete the transfer of vehicle registration, buyers must present the following RC transfer documents required to their local RTO:

  1. Form 29 which is to be duplicated in two copies.
  2. Transfer of ownership notice.
  3. RC in its original form.
  4. A copy of a current auto insurance policy
  5. A copy of the PUC
  6. Proof of address is required.
  7. A copy of your PAN card
  8. Original Certificate of Clearance.
  9. 1 passport-size photo

A self-addressed envelope with stamps worth Rs.30 on it (Again, this envelope is required only in case of offline application).

That’s all about the documents required for RC transfer during vehicle ownership transfer.

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Documents required for the Inter-State Car RC transfer

There are several sets of documents required for RC transfer across state lines due to the multiple steps involved in transferring RC. The different sets of documents that are required are listed below, assuming there are no existing financial liabilities.

You must first obtain a NOC from your current RTO, then apply to the new RTO where you will be relocating your vehicle. You should have to apply for a road tax refund, if not then you will have to pay these taxes again in the re-registration process.

RC transfer documents required for NOC

These RC transfer documents required, you must present when obtaining a NOC from your old RTO where your vehicle is registered.

  1. Forms 27 and 28 are required.
  2. Registration certificates, insurance policy documents, tax documents, and PUC must all be present.
  3. Imprint from the chassis.
  4. CMV duplicates 28th Form
  5. The NOC from the local police station is an optional document.
  6. Despite the fact that this is not a required document, it can help speed up the transfer process.

While some of these documents required for RC transfer for the next step, there are a few more that must be organized.

Requirements for Re-Registration in a New RTO

Next, whether you’re doing an online or offline car registration transfer, you’ll need to gather the documents required for RC transfer which are listed below.

  1. Original Copy of RC.
  2. A copy of your vehicle’s insurance policy
  3. Your old RTO has issued you a NOC.
  4. Re-registration forms 29 and 30.
  5. Certificate from the PUC.
  6. Proof of identity in the form of a photograph and proof of residency in the area.
  7. A self-addressed envelope with Rs.30 in stamps

(This last one is necessary for the offline transfers).

Now we will se what are the RC transfer documents required for refund of road taxes.

Documents Required for a Refund of Road Taxes Application

This is a step you should take because it can save you a lot of money while transferring a vehicle’s registration across state lines. Keep handy these  RC transfer documents required for refund of road taxes.

  1. Request for a road tax refund.
  2. RTO Form 16 with self-attestation.
  3. New copy of RC (new registration number is vital).
  4. Copy of an old RC (old registration number is also necessary so that the RTO can check past payment of road tax).
  5. Documents from the insurance company and a certificate with the new registration number.
  6. Identity proof in the form of a photograph, as well as contact information.

It is impossible to arrange all of the above-mentioned sets of documents because you will only receive a few of them after your initial application.



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