If there is a mistake in the birth certificate and you want to do birth certificate correction in Delhi. In this article, we will discuss process for birth certificate correction online Delhi in detail. A Birth Certificate is an official document that records the birth of a child. It is a permanent record and you can use as an age proof also. So it is necessary to keep it error free. There are specific procedures and requirements to undergo for correction in birth certificate Delhi. Check out the procedure for birth certificate correction online Delhi.

Birth Certificate Correction Online Delhi

Birth certificate  helps in collecting the data on the vital statistics. It provides a proper demographic base while planning national policies of children. As a result, you must have a birth certificate with accurate information. If there is an error, you must correct your birth certificate online in Delhi.

Benefits of Errorless Birth Certificate Registration

A birth certificate is called the first identity of the child. It is useful for many purposes as mentioned below so it should be errorless so that it will be correct and will not cause any problem in further services where it is required.

The benefits of birth certificate registration are as follows:

  1. For admissions to school
  2. As proof of age for employment
  3. For proof of age at marriage
  4. To establish parentage
  5. To establish the age for purpose of enrolment in the Election rolls
  6. For establishing the age for insurance purposes
  7. For registration  in the National Population Register (NPR)

If you enter wrong name in the birth certificate (like spelling mistakes), the name can be corrected as per the name entered in the admission register of the concerned school.

Who can apply for a correction in birth certificate Delhi?

Check the eligibility for birth certificate correction online Delhi before applying for it. The following people can apply for a birth certificate correction in Delhi-

  1. Either husband
  2. Wife
  3. Child
  4. Family member
  5. Agent and consultant, agency which you hire for same.

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How do I correct birth certificate online in Delhi?

The steps for a birth certificate correction online Delhi are very simple. The steps are as-

  1. To change the name on your birth certificate online, download the form 
  2. Get the “Birth Certificate Update/ Correction Form” from the Municipal Corporation Office or the Gram Panchayat in the vicinity of where the birth took place.
  3. Affidavit Submission: An affidavit needs to  do the correction and change the name in the birth certificate of the applicant. For that, you need to contact a local notary officer who will help you mention the current name and the desired new name, and may mention in brief the reason for a name change. One must make the affidavit on a Non- judicial stamp paper of minimal value.
  4. Fill up the correction form for birth certificate correction online Delhi. Then submit it to your respective District Court in Delhi before a magistrate along with an affidavit or certified copy with the judge’s original signature.
  5. Advertisement Publication: You have to publish announcement  in two newspapers- one in the local official language and the other in English.
  6. Gazette Notification: Get your name published in the Official Gazette of Delhi. For that, you can approach the Government Press of Delhi. Fill up the form for the same and pay the required fees. The state’s Official Gazette will publish your name change notification. They will send you the copy of the same at the address you might have mentioned.

Note: Verification process of the Affidavit for birth certificate correction online in Delhi

The verification of the affidavit needs to be done by the notary for birth certificate correction online Delhi. The municipal corporation in Delhi might need to verify the certain documents like the hospital records.

Online name correction in birth certificate Delhi

The documents which are mentioned above need to be sent to the Director of Publication at the given address below-

“Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi- 110054”

Fees: the process for getting a notification published in the official gazette would involve you to spend either Rs 700 or Rs. 900 for notification. You can make the payment via a DD to the Controller of the Publications office.

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Documents required for birth certificate correction online in Delhi

The documents are the most important part before performing any procedure. The required documents for birth certificate correction online in Delhi are-

  1. A copy of the ‘Correction Form’  need to take from the Controller of Publication, Department of Publication.
  2. A letter of the declaration which states the need for changing the name
  3. Original copies of advertisements published with the date.
  4. Attested photographs
  5. Address and identity proofs

Fees for correction in birth certificate Delhi

The fee for the affidavit is that of a non- judicial stamp paper ranging between Rs. 20- 100 and the fees to change the name on the birth certificate vary from state to state.

The applicant can get to know the fee structure for birth certificate correction online Delhi through the online state government or municipal corporation office in Delhi.

Can I correct father's name in birth certificate in Delhi?

Yes, you can correct the father's name in a birth certificate in Delhi.You have to visit local Municipal Corporation office in Delhi and submit the affidavit and all required documents for correction.

Is it possible to add name in birth certificate in Ndmc?

Yes,you can add name in birth certificate issued by NDMC . Visit the NDMC official website and request for addition of name on it.

How to change name spelling in Delhi birth certificate?

You need to visit Delhi local Municipal Corporation office and apply for name correction with required documents and affidavits.