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aadhar appointment booking

We will discuss everything you need to know about Aadhar appointment booking. Aadhaar Card is an identity card for a resident of India. It contains a 12-digit code to its users.

It is unique to every resident of India.  It is issued by the Government of India under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Act.

It is governed by the Aadhaar Act of 2016.  It is issued to every citizen of India irrespective of their age. After the demonetization, its importance has been surged.

All service providers have made it necessary to link their services with the Aadhaar card details. For example, bank accounts need to be linked with our Aadhaar number. Let’s deep dive in the topic – aadhar card appointment booking

Aadhar Slot Booking

Aadhar appointment booking can be done through the UIDAI portal. Aadhar slot booking has been extended by the Government of India. 

For the aadhar card appointment booking you can access the appointment UIDAI . The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched a distinct platform for Aadhaar appointment booking through its Aadhaar Sewa Kendras. 

The enrolment for such booking is absolutely free of cost. But in the future to update the information in your Aadhaar Card, you needs to pay some nominal amount. 

A person has to do four aadhar card appointment booking for four weeks. The procedure is quite easy. It can be made through online and offline mode for easy booking.

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Aadhaar appointment booking

Aadhar appointment booking is one of the services furnished by the UIDAI through their Aadhaar Sewa Kendras. Further, it can be made at the office of the Registrar as well.

Both of the modes for aadhar card appointment booking are acceptable. In order to have a booking for Aadhaar appointment, a person must have a working mobile number, valid documents, etc.

Aadhaar Sewa Kendras (ASK) works for the following domains: Aadhaar Enrolment, updating in the name, address, and gender, and photo, date of birth, mobile number and email id of the user.

The ASK Centre’s has been opened at various states in our country. 

Documents required for Aadhar card appointment booking:

For the aadhar appointment booking a person must have an identity proof document, a proof for address, a proof for date of birth, a passport sized photograph, etc. Nonetheless, all of these documents can be proved by one single piece of document of the user, provided it must be in the approved list.

Aadhaar Seva Kendra – an online method for aadhar card appointment booking. Following are the steps to take into consideration for this method:

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How to do Aadhar appointment booking online

  • The portal of the UIDAI needs to be accessed for aadhar appointment booking, i.e.
  •  Choose the required centre name. Look for ‘My Aadhaar’ and click on the proceed option to ‘book an appointment’.
  • Then, opt for the required service you want to avail. The options are New Aadhaar or the Aadhaar update.
  • Enter the valid 10 digit mobile number. Submit the captcha and after that click the submit button. An OTP will be generated on your device. Enter the generated OTP at the portal.
  • Once the authentication formalities are completed, a form will be generated at your screen. Fill out the particulars of the form according to its required fields. Then, click on the submit button after completing the form details. 
  • Provide your suitable date and time.  An appointment number will be generated accordingly. Save it for future reference. Click Next. A message will pop up on the screen confirming your aadhar appointment booking

Procedure for Aadhar Slot Booking Offline

Office of the Registrar – an offline method for Aadhar appointment booking. Following are the steps to take into view while opting for this method:

  • One time registration is necessary for this aadhar slot booking. The mobile number of a person must be working at the time of the registration. 
  • The authentication is the next step. In order to authenticate the process, an OTP will be generated and sent to the mobile number of the person. 
  • A person will be provided for the form only when the proper authentication has took place. The form needs to be fulfilled for the Aadhaar appointment booking. 
  • Submit the biometric information of the person. It includes the fingerprints, iris scan and a photograph.
  • When the verification will be concluded, an acknowledgment slip containing the 14 digit enrolment number will be provided. This Enrolment number will ease the tracking system for an individual. A track status of the application can be ascertained with the help of this enrolment number. 

Note: It is necessary to link the mobile number to your Aadhaar Card for future course of action. 

Further, in case of name change, gender, date of birth, etc., it can be done through the online mode but for the existential details, for instance: Mobile Number, biometric ones, etc. an official mode will more convenient for a user. 

Rescheduling / canceling of the Aadhar card appointment booking:

There will be times when the resident would look for the process of rescheduling or the cancellation of the Aadhar card appointment booking. The following roadmap will be beneficial for the purpose:

Rescheduling Aadhar Slot Booking – 

  • Visit the website of the UIDAI for rescheduling aadhar slot booking
  • Submit the 14 digit enrolment number and the same mobile number used while booking the appointment
  • Click on the reschedule button on your screen
  • Provide the details related to the location, date and time of the appointment
  • Submit the verification code
  • Click on the fix appointment button
  • An SMS will be generated on your mobile number regarding the rescheduled appointment.

Cancellation of Aadhar Slot Booking–

  • Visit the portal of the UIDAI for cancellation of aadhar slot booking
  • Submit the 14 digit enrolment number and the same mobile number used while booking the appointment
  • Click on the cancel appointment button on your screen
  • After this, an SMS will be generated on your screen showing the cancellation text. It states the appointment is cancelled along with the 14 digit enrolment id at the time of Aadhaar appointment booking.

ASK fees for Aadhar card appointment booking

Any resident who wants to use Aadhaar card appointment booking services or any other service at any Aadhaar Seva Kendra of their choosing must pay the fees specified by UIDAI

  • Enrollment in Aadhaar: FREE
  • Mandatory biometric updates for children between the ages of 5 and 15: FREE
  • Any biometric update, whether it includes a demographic update or not: Rs. 100
  • Residents’ exclusive demographic update: Rs. 50
  • Aadhaar & Color Print Download: Rs. 30

* Multiple field updates on a single instance will be counted as a single update.
All applicable taxes are included in these prices.

Contact info –

Where a person has some issues pertaining to the process. He/she can approach to the person in charge of such operations, i.e., an Operations Manager or a Centre Manager. Either of the two can be approached by the people while facing any inconvenience with regard to the Aadhaar Seva Kendra. In order to reach out via online mode, a person can call on a toll free number, i.e., 1947 or can mail to

That’s all about Aadhar appointment booking. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding Aadhar card appointment booking you may have about booking an Aadhar slot.


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