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Aadhaar Card

Updation of Aadhar card

Updaton of Aadhar card

You can make update of Aadhar Card using online process as well as offline by visiting Aadhar Seva Kendra.Demographic updates pertain to update in demographic details of the aadhar card holder like name, address, DOB, guardian’s/spouse’s name and mobile number. Biometrics updates are usually update in the photograph of the aadhar card holder. You do not need to return to the same Enrolment Center where you enrolled your Aadhar card to update it.

In addition to English, you can update your aadhar card details in the SSUP portal in the following regional languages: -

  • Assamese, 
  • Bengali,
  • English, 
  • Gujarati, 
  • Hindi, 
  • Kannada, 
  • Malayalam, 
  • Marathi, 
  • Odia, 
  • Punjabi, 
  • Tamil,
  • Telugu 
  • Urdu.

Possible reasons for Aadhaar card Updation

There are several reasons why one needs to update his/her aadhar card details: -

  1. Marriage, Divorce or death of the husband/father
  2. Mandatory biometric update at 5 years and 15 years of age
  3. Other legal reasons
  4. Addition of Date and month in DOB

Documents required for updating of Aadhar card

The following documents are required for every aadhar card update: -

  1. Original aadhar card
  2. POI or Proof of Identity - 
  3. POA or Proof of Address – 


  1. You should bring all the original copies of all the supporting documents mentioned above for aadhar update in a Permanent Enrolment Centre/Aadhar Seva Kendra. The original documents will be verified and scanned for the aadhar update. All the originals will be returned to you after the updation process is complete. 
  2. All Xerox copies of the original documents should be self-attested and valid.
  3. You need to click a picture of the original documents and convert it to pdf. Then you can upload it on the SSUP portal for aadhar card update. You can upload it manually or choose to do so from your Digilocker account.
  4. The photograph and signature you upload on the SSUP portal should be clean, visible and coloured scan of your photo. 
  5. Please ensure that the details in the documents you upload or submit must match the details written in the aadhar correction form. Otherwise, it may result in failure of aadhar updation.
  6. Make sure to write authentic and error-free information in the aadhar correction form. Check it twice before submission. 
  7. You can easily delete your update request from UIDAI’s website under the “Requests” dashboard. The request should be deleted as soon as possible before further processing begins. The money paid for the update request will be refunded within 21 days of deleting the update request.
  8. Submitting an update request online doesn’t guarantee changes in aadhar card details. The details of the aadhar card are only updated after validation and verification by UIDAI. 
  9. You can initiate your update request at ASK or online if your mobile number isn’t linked to your Aadhar card. 

Application Procedure for Updating of Aadhar card

There are two ways for updating Aadhar card details. They are: -

  1. Visiting the Permanent Enrolment Centre/ Aadhar Seva Kendra with the relevant supporting documents by booking an appointment.
  2. By logging into the SSUP portal (Login Page ( using your aadhar card number. Please read the instruction carefully given before the update process before you proceed with the aadhar update. 
  3. For the exception update process, visit your Aadhar Seva Kendra and then approach the concerned Regional Office of UIDAI for the concerned aadhar update request. Follow the SOP Procedure for updating aadhar for the 3rd/2nd time.

Aadhar card Update fees

The fee chart for various updates of aadhar card details is given below: -

  1. Demographic Update (any type/channel) – Rs. 50/- including GST
  2. Biometric Update (other than mandatory)– Rs. 50/- including GST
  3. Mandatory Biometric Update – Free of Cost

How to track your aadhar card update status?

You can track your aadhar card update request status at ( You can enter your SRN/URN and the Captcha code to get your aadhar card update status. SRN is the Service Request Number generated after you update your aadhar using the SSUP portal. It is a 28-digit number while URN is a 14-digit number. URN is a Unique Request Number generated after you update your aadhar card at the Permanent Enrolment Centre/aadhar Seva Kendra.  

You can also track your aadhar card update status at the mAaadhar app. Click on the “Aadhar Update Status” option under the “Check Request Status” dashboard in the mAadhar app. Enter your 14-digit Enrolment Number and 14 -digit date and time in the 28-digit EID as well as the security code. Then, click on “Check Status” and the aadhar update status will be displayed on the screen.

How to delete/retrieve your Aadhar card update request from the SSUP portal?

If you change your mind midway during your aadhar correction online and don’t want to revise your aadhar card details at the SSUP portal, just click on “Dashboard” in the top-left-hand corner of the page. The top-right-hand corner contains the SRN of your application. You will be taken back to the page of “Online Update Service” and other options. Scroll down to see “Requests”. Click on the black bin button beside your draft name change request. Then click on “Okay” in the pop-up window. You will see a message on top in green “Request deleted successfully”.

You can retrieve your draft request if you have accidentally logged out or lost the page. Just log in with your aadhar card and scroll down to “Requests”. You will retrieve your data from there.  Just click on “Resume”.