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Aadhaar Card

Aadhar Card Correction

Aadhar Card Correction

You need an Aadhar correction form to make changes to Aadhar card details. You can obtain the correction form from the Aadhar Seva Kendra or download it from UIDAI’s website. There are two types of Aadhaar corrections: demographic and biometric. 

Possible reasons for Aadhar card correction

There are several reasons why one needs to correct his/her aadhar card details: -

  1. Spelling errors in the existing details
  2. Other legal reasons
  3. Incorrect DOB or address on Aadhar card
  4. Poor Quality Photograph
  5. Mobile NO change 

Documents required for updating of Aadhar card

The following documents are required for every Aadhar card update: -

  1. Original Aadhar card
  2. POI or Proof of Identity - 
  3. POA or Proof of Address 

Procedure for Aadhar Corrections online:

The online process for Aadhar corrections in terms of name change, address change, and DOB change is explained as per the respective changes required:

  1. Aadhar Name Change 
  2. Aadhar Address Change
  3. Aadhar DOB Change
  4. Aadhar Mobile no Change

Along with the online process for Aadhar correction, you have option to make correction in Aadhar by visiting  Aadhar Seva Centre located near you.

Aadhar card correction fees

The fee chart for various correction of aadhar card details is given below: -

  1. Demographic correction (any type/channel) – Rs. 50/- including GST
  2. Biometric correction (other than mandatory)– Rs. 50/- including GST