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Aadhaar Card

Aadhar card Name change

Aadhar card Name change

An Aadhar name change is also a kind of demographic detail update. You can make an appointment with your nearest Aadhar Seva Kendra/Update or Enrolment Center to make changes in your name or your guardian’s name. You can go to any enrollment center to change your name. You need not visit the center where you enrolled for Aadhar. You can change your name on your Aadhar card only twice in your lifetime. If you need to change your name for the third time, you need to follow the exception update process. You need to bring at least one proof of identity and your Aadhar card to the Aadhar Seva Kendra to change your name. 

Why do we need to change the name on the Aadhar card?

The possible reasons for changing one’s name in their Aadhar card are: -

  1. Spelling errors in name/surname
  2. Wrong name/surname
  3. Name change due to marriage, divorce, adoption or other reasons.
  4. Spelling errors at the time of enrolment/updation of name
  5. Changes in guardian’s name/spouse’s name 
  6. You can only make minor through online mode and the mAadhar app:
  7. Corrections of errors in Spelling  (Example: Ray to Rai)
  8. Sequence change (Example: Kumar Suman Das to Suman Kumar Mishra)
  9. Inclusion of space between name parts (example: AnkitKumar Gupta to Ankit Kumar Gupta)
  10. Short form to full form (example: AK Verma to Akhilesh Kumar Verma)
  11. Change of surname after marriage (example: Neha Verma to Neha Sharma)

For all other name changes, please visit your nearest Aadhaar Seva Kendra.

Application procedure to change the name on your Aadhar card

Please follow the steps given below to change the name in your aadhar card: -

  1. Search for your nearest enrollment Centre/ Aadhar Seva Kendra at Enrolment Centres Search . Book an appointment at Book Appointment (Beta). 
  2. Fill up the aadhar correction form at UIDAI’s website. Mention your name and check the tick box for a name change update.
  3. Visit the Enrolment Centre on the day of the appointment. Submit Proof of Identity and your aadhar card along with the aadhar correction form to the officer at Enrolment Centre. The Officer will verify your documents and stamp them. 
  4. The officer will enter your data and other relevant details into the client software.
  5. The officer and supervisor will confirm your update request after data entry. 
  6. Pay Rs. 50/-
  7. The officer will give an acknowledgement slip and fee receipt.
  8. You can track your name change request at ( with the URN mentioned in the acknowledgement slip.

Please follow the steps to change your name via UIDAI’s website.

  1. Visit Login Page (
  2. Log in using your aadhar card number and the Captcha code. Click on “Send OTP” and enter the OTP you received on your aadhar registered mobile number. If there is an error message in red at the top of the page after you log in, just log in after a few mins. 
  3. Click on “Online Update Services”.
  4. Click on “Update Aadhar Online”
  5. Read the instructions carefully before you “Proceed to update aadhar”.
  6. Click on the “Name” tab and again click “Proceed to update aadhar”.
  7. Select from where you want to upload: Manual or Digilocker. Select the type of Valid Supporting Document you want to upload. Enter your new name and manually upload the scanned pdf copies of POI/POA by yourself or your Digilocker account. Click on “Next”
  8. Preview the details and click on “Next”. If you need to make changes in the previous section, do so by clicking on “Previous”. 
  9. Pay the fees of Rs. 50/-. You can pay by Credit/Debit Cards/UPI/Net banking.
  10. You will receive your acknowledgement slip with an SRN. Download it. SRN number is used to track your update request at (
  11.  After the procedure is complete, click on your picture on the login page. Then click “Logout”. 
  12. The aadhar card with the revisions in your name after the update will be delivered to your home within 90 days by ordinary post.
  13. You can view your payment history of the update requests by logging in with Login Page ( Scroll down and click on “Payment History”. You can see the payment history in accordance with the SRNs.

Please follow the steps to change your name via the mAadhar app: 

  1. Download the mAadhar app from the Google Play store or Apple Store. Click on “Get Started” after the opening app. Then click on “I consent” to agree to all terms and conditions. Then, choose a language and then click on “Continue”.
  2. You have to enter your mobile number and enter the OTP to register yourself on the app. Click on “Register My Aadhar” and register yourself on this app with your aadhar number, a password and your aadhar registered phone number.
  3. Click on “My Aadhar” and Log in to your account with your password.
  4. Click on “Aadhar Update”. Enter your aadhar number and security code. Request an OTP. Click on “Verify” after you type in the OTP.
  5. Select “Name” from the list of options and click on “Next”. 
  6. Accept the UIDAI’s terms and click on “Proceed”.
  7. Enter your name and a new name. Select the type of POI you want to upload. Then, click on “Upload Document”.
  8. Upload the document manually and Click on “Next”.
  9. The internal team of UIDAI will now verify the details and update your name accordingly on the Aadhar card.
  10. The aadhar card with the revisions in your name will be delivered to your home within 90 days by ordinary post.

Please follow the steps for updating your name on your aadhar card for the 3rd time:

Indians can update their Names for the 3rd time through exception handling. You can carry out the update at Aadhaar Seva Kendra and then visit the concerned Regional Office of UIDAI for approval of the name update request under the exception procedure. Please read the SOP for the name update change Procedure for updating the Name for the 3rd time.

Benefits of name change in aadhar card

Aadhar card is proof of Identity and Address all over India. It is used in all transactions whether financial or others. Your name is of utmost importance in all cases. A wrong name or errors in name will result in failure of all aadhar authentication jobs due to a mismatch of names. The name given in school, college or employment area is the identity of who you are. The aadhar card’s name also holds the same status