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PAN Card

e filing pan card

e filing pan card

e-filing PAN card is nothing but an Instant e-PAN downloaded from the e-filing website. When you have to file your Income Tax but you don’t have a PAN number, you can easily get your PAN number within 10 minutes by applying for Instant e-PAN with your Aadhar number. You can apply for an Instant e-PAN at the e-filing website only. NSDL and UTIITSL websites have e-PAN applications and their download facility but it’s time-consuming. You have to pay for the e-PAN application and download the same from NSDL/UTIITSL websites. On the other hand, Instant e-PAN application and download can be done from the e-filing website free of cost. You can find out more about the Instant e-PAN card and its application procedure at Instant Pan article

You can do a lot of things after downloading your Instant e-pan card. Some of them are:-

  1. Create an e-filing account
  2. File Income Tax Returns using your e-filing account
  3. Download/View the Instant e-PAN any time you want post login. 

The facility to “Update PAN” is no longer available in the Instant e-PAN section. Don’t get confused with the Income Tax manual and other websites that have published guidelines to update PAN details as per e-KYC in the Instant e-PAN section. You can only update your PAN by submitting a PAN correction/change application. 

How to download an Instant e-PAN card?

  1. Visit Income Tax Portal, Government of India
  2. Login using your PAN and password for the e-filing account you created.
  3. Click on “Services” and choose “Download/View e-PAN”.
  4. Enter you Enter your Aadhar card number before you click on “Submit”.
  5. Enter the OTP you received on your Aadhar registered mobile number. Click the checkbox to accept the terms before you click on "Continue."
  6. You can now download the Instant e-PAN by clicking on “Download e-PAN”.

How to create an e-filing account?

You can create an e-filing account after downloading your instant e-pan card. The steps are given below: -

  1. Visit the Income Tax Portal, Government of India or click on the “Register” blue button at the top-left corner of the Homepage of the e-filing website.
  2. Enter the PAN number you obtained after downloading the Instant e-PAN card at the e-filing website and confirm whether you are an “Individual taxpayer” before you click on “Continue”.
  3. Enter all the necessary details as per your Instant e-PAN card before you click on “Continue”.
  4. On the next page, provide the contact details you provided while applying for e-PAN. Proceed by clicking on “Continue”. Contact details are necessary to validate the registration.
  5. Enter the 2 OTPs you received on your mobile number and Email ID respectively before you click on “Continue”. You can only go “Back” now to correct any details if you want. 
  6. On the next page, verify the details that you have entered. 
  7. Set a password as per your choice before you click on “Register”. Remember the password for filing ITR.
  8. After you click on “Register” you will receive a success message with a  transaction ID. A confirmation SMS and mail will be sent to your mobile and mail ID respectively with the success SMS. 
  9. You can now login with your PAN and password to file taxes and do other tax-related jobs online easily.   


  1. Visit Income Tax Portal, Government of India
  2. Login using your PAN and password for the e-filing account you created.
  3. Click on the “File Now” blue button or click on “e-file” in the top blue bar and choose “Income Tax Returns” >”File Income Tax Returns”.
  4. Choose your “Assessment Year” and choose whether you want to apply for ITR online or offline in “Mode of Filing”. It’s preferable to choose online. 
  5. Proceed with “Start New filing” to file your ITRs. 
  6. Please select whether you want to apply for ITR as an “Individual”, “HUF” or “Others” before you click on “Continue”.
  7. Select the type of “ITR form” from the drop-down list before you click on “Proceed with ITR- 1.”
  8. On the next page, click on “Let’s Get Started.”
  9. Click the first checkbox on the next page before you click on “Continue”. 
  10. Select the “Nature of Employment” and click on the checkboxes in the “Filing Section”.
  11. Choose the appropriate options from the lists before you continue. 
  12. Edit details in the “Gross Income details” section before you click on “Continue”.
  13. Choose the appropriate options in the “Tax Deductions” section before you click on “Continue”. Thereafter proceed with ITR by clicking on “Confirm”.
  14. Click on “Proceed” after checking and modifying details in the “Tax Paid” and “Total Tax Liability” sections.
  15. You will be asked to preview returns before you click on “Proceed to validation” > “Proceed to verification”.
  16. Click on the first check box to e-verify your ITR at the moment.
  17. Choose a convenient option to e-verify your ITR. It’s preferable to click the first checkbox to use Aadhar authentication. Accept the terms.
  18.  Generate Aadhar OTP and enter the OTP you received on your Aadhar registered mobile number before you click on “Validate”.
  19. Thereafter, click on “Submit” to finally submit your ITR.
  20. A success SMS will be shown on your screen that you have successfully filed and verified your IT. You can download/print out the form by clicking on “Download form” for future reference.