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Aadhaar Card

Ration card Aadhar link

Ration card Aadhar link

Ration card is a legal Government ID which is used to collect food grains from Ration shops at subsidized rates. Government has now made it mandatory for Indians to link ration card with aadhar card for receiving government subsidies. Indians must link their ration cards with aadhar cards  to obtain all benefits from the government. Please keep in mind that you can only link your Aadhar card with ration card when your Email ID or mobile number is linked with aadhar card. If you haven’t linked them till now, kindly do it before going to ration card Aadhar link.

How to link ration card with aadhar card?

Indians can link ration card with aadhar card online as well as offline. 

Online Method

  1. Visit your state’s official website of PDS (Public Distribution System)
  2. Select the option to link aadhar with other available cards.
  3. Enter your Ration card number, aadhar card number, registered aadhar mobile number.
  4. Select “Submit”/ “Continue”.
  5. You will receive an OTP on your registered aadhar mobile number. Enter the OTP. The request to link ration with aadhar will be sent. 
  6. You will receive a message once your ration card is linked with aadhar. 

UIDAI website

  1. Visit the official aadhar seeding website
  2. Enter your aadhar card number, registered Email ID and mobile number and the Captcha Code to verify yourself. Click on “Get OTP”. Enter the OTP you received on your aadhar linked mobile number.
  3. You will then be redirected to the Aadhar seeding application portal. Click on the “Start Now” tab.
  4. Enter all the details like your state, district and your registered mobile number and Email ID. Choose the Benefit Type as “Ration Card” for the scheme name.
  5. After providing all the relevant details, click on “Submit” option.
  6. Enter the OTP you received on your aadhar linked mobile number. Type in the OTP to process the request.
  7. Once the verification of the details is completed successfully, you will receive a SMS that your Aadhar card has been linked to the ration card.

Offline Method

  1. Visit your nearest PDS/Ration shop with all the relevant documents.
  2. Submit the documents at the Ration/PDS Shop
  3. Your fingerprint impression will be taken on the sensor device for aadhar authentication. 
  4. You will receive a message once the process is complete after the PDS representative has processed your documents and application. 
  5. You will also receive a message once your ration card is linked with aadhar. 


SMS format:  UID SEED <State Short Code> <Scheme/Program Short Code> <Scheme/Program ID> <Aadhaar Number> . For example: UID SEED WB POSC 1234567 987605124567.

SMS Number: 51969. Send the message from your aadhar linked mobile number only.

Finally, you will receive SMS stating the receipt of the details along with successful verification and linking of Aadhaar card with Ration card.

All Documents needed to link ration card with aadhar card

  1. If you visit your PDS/Ration Shop, you need to carry certain documents for ration card aadhar link. The documents are as follows: -
  2. Xerox of original ration card
  3. Xerox copies of aadhar cards of all the members in your family
  4. Xerox of the passbook of your bank if your aadhar is not linked with bank account.
  5. 2 passport-sized photos of the Head of your family and the Xerox of his/her aadhar card

State PDS websites for ration card aadhar link

The following webpage contains all the links of the official websites of PDS of all states in India.  NFSA Just click on your state and you will be redirected to the PDS portal of your state. You can also track the status of your aadhar card and ration card linking in the state’s PDS portals itself. 

Benefits of ration card aadhar link

The following are the benefits of linking aadhar card with ration card: -

  1. It eliminates all the fake identities that are getting government subsidies intended for Below Poverty Line families.
  2. It will reduce the cases of frauds and duplicity to a great extent.
  3. Duplicate ration cards within the family members are eliminated.
  4. Aadhar authentication will give you a notification at Email, SMS and the records are stored at UIDAI and PDS portals. So, the chances of getting duped by dishonest middleman and other scammers are reduced.
  5. Aadhar authentication with fingerprint impressions at the Ration shops will help in identifying the genuine beneficiaries. It will serve to distribute the food grains efficiently.
  6. The government can put a stop to all the individuals within a family who are not eligible for ration cards as they have higher incomes. Only the deserving beneficiaries will then get everything.
  7. Issuance of multiple duplicate ration cards under a single name will be eliminated.
  8. Diversion and leakage of ration from PDS can controlled to a great extent.
  9. Ration card is a proof of residence in India. Linking it with aadhar will give it higher credibility and accountability.