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Reissue of Passport

Reissue of passport

Your passport is considered damaged if the passport number is unreadable, name is illegible, photo is not intact or it is damaged beyond recognition. And in this case, you need to apply for a Duplicate Passport. But the passports which are partially damaged in which the name, photo and passport number of the holder is legible, can apply for Reissue of Passport.

Passport holders whose passports are partially damaged can avail of the Tatkaal scheme and apply for a re-issue of their passport. However, if a passport has been completely damaged, the Tatkaal scheme cannot be availed as the individual has to report at his nearest Passport Seva Kendra to get a Duplicate passport

How to apply for Reissue of Passport?

Applicants can choose to apply for a duplicate passport online, through the Passport Seva website managed by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

When applying for a duplicate passport, individuals are required to submit a fresh passport application form. This is the same form as the new passport form. The form can be downloaded from the Passport Seva website managed by the Government of India.

In the 'Applying For' section, tick the Re-issue of Passport' option and select the relevant option from the ones provided:

  • Validity expired within 3 years/due to expire
  • Exhaustion of pages
  • Validity expired more than 3 years ago
  • Lost passport
  • Change in existing personal particulars
  • Damaged passport

Based on the option selected, provide the relevant details in the subsequent columns. Fill in all the relevant information and attach copies of the documents mentioned as below.

Documents required for Passport - If you are applying for a reissue of Passport

One would want to reissue a passport for reasons like change in personal details, exhaustion of pages,damage, loss or expiry.

Below is a list of general documents required to apply for a passport reissue, but the PSK or Passport Office may communicate the need for additional documentation depending on the case in question.

  1. Identity proof: A legal and recognized document that contains your full name as it should appear on official records and as it should appear on your passport.
  2. Age proof: A legal and recognized document that confirms the applicants name as well as her/ his date of birth. A birth certificate serves this purpose.
  3. Address proof: A legal and recognized document that confirms that the applicant actually resides at the address mentioned in the application.
  4. Photographs: Most PSKs are equipped with cameras designed to take passport sized photographs of applicants, but you may be required to produce 2 recent passport sized photographs of yourself.
  5. Old passport booklet: In cases of reissue of passports, the passport office will demand that the applicant submit his / her old /expired / damaged booklet.
  6. Self-attested copy of first and last pages of booklet: The first two and last two pages of the old booklet being submitted along with the application for reissue must be self-attested by the applicant.
  7. Affidavit that states how you lost or damaged your passport.
  8. Police report in original.
  9. Appointment application receipt: If an appointment with the PSK has been booked online, the passport office will require a print out of the final page on the website that confirms the payment, time, and date of the appointment.

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